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  1. So I have had acne since I was in high school and I am currently in my 2nd year of University. I was able to make friends and whatnot in high school but then I got into University and just became so introverted. I lived on campus and went to some parties but never enjoyed it. I kept to myself and never really tried making friends. My acne has made me have a low self-esteem and makes me very self-conscious. My acne has cleared up but my personality and introversion have stayed. I really want to m
  2. So heres the story... My acne is genetic and I have had it really bad since like I was 15. I wanted to cover it up since I hated the way it looked when I was 16 so I started applying Foundation to my skin for a whole school year, people found out I was wearing makeup and that turned out terrible! I am a male FYI. So then the summer after the foundation incident I decided I would stop and ever since then I could never face a mirror again. I cannot directly look at a mirror to see my skin, I ha
  3. Hey um, I saw your signature that you use Dan's BP. I want to order his BP online and was wondering how much you ended up paying in total, with conversion rates and delivery and whatnot.

  4. So I have acne, my stupid doctor won't refer me to a dermatologist and thinks he knows everything (what a douche). Anyhoo, I need a dermatologist preferably around the GTA area like Brampton. My doctor put me on Anti-biotics that will only last while I take them and really wants me to take accutane. So anyone please refer me to a good derm. Peas and thanks
  5. I'm really scared of using Differin because I heard it makes your skin peel and your face red. I'd rather have a couple small red spots than a red face. Please elaborate on what happens first (ie. minor breakout, peeling). I am very insecure about how I look, sadly I am a guy and take and hour and a half to get ready for school. I really want to try this so please, I mean please tell me the stuff people do not usually tell you. I'm really scared of using Differin because I heard it makes your s
  6. I've been searching for about a week and cannot find any uncoated aspirin pills. I have been to shoppers, dollar store and Zellers. Anyone know a good place to get it like in 500 capsules in the GTA. Preferably Brampton. Thanks P.S What should I add to the mask, honey, FOTE (aloe vera) Much help appreciated.
  7. AcnePimpleZit


    Please someone recommend a regimen for red marks