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  1. Well, my face gets a buildup of dead skin really quickly, and especially using bp, it just leaves my face dull and with tons of buildup, so I actually do scrub twice a day, but GENTLY. And I do use the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, have been for two months now and my face is so smooth and clear now! But I can see how that may irritate a lot of other people's skin. I guess my skin's just more tolerant than others. But anyways, exfoliation has been the best thing for me and it really was the extra
  2. Um, what? I LOVED being on accutane. I hardly had any side effects at ALL, besides the drying of the lips and skin, which returned to normal once I was off of accutane. Since being on it a few years ago, my acne has never been as bad as it was before the treatment. And as for cost, my insurance also covered it, and it costed me only $18 dollars for a months supply. I'm very thankful I went through it, because I'm very sure that if I hadn't, my acne would be A LOT worse now, and I'd most lik
  3. When I was on accutane and incredibly clear a few years back, my sisters were just entering high school and were starting to get a fair amount of acne. I would look at their faces and almost cry, because I knew what it was like and didn't want them to go through it. But somehow, they both cleared up by their sophomore year and are the types who get like a SMALL pimple a month now. It was weird, and now, a few years after accutane, I had started to break out again. And they're crystal clear.
  4. Yeah, bp washes did absolutely nothing for me. I still got whiteheads every single morning, it was frustrating for awhile. I then switched to a SA wash and things seriously cleared up immediately, it was amazing. That is of course followed by the bp cream afterwards.
  5. I use that product for my body too. Works really well. Never really thought to use it on my face though- I'm already usin a salicylic acid wash for my face and that's going really well too.
  6. Yeah, I usually just wait 5 minutes max after washing to apply the bp. I just like the idea that my pores are still open to absorb more of the bp that way. Plus, I don't have the patiences for the 15 minutes between all steps thing. 8-[ As for moisturizing, my face doesn't get too dry, I usually just spot moisturize around my forehead and chin and that's usually enough.
  7. I was at a party last Saturday, feeling all pumped and cool since I've been pretty clear for the last couple of weeks after a pretty bad breakout that found me to this website. So I was standing in front of this blacklight with my friend when he turns to me and says, "Dude, you're whole face is glowing, like this white mask is on you!" HOW EMBARASSING WAS THAT?? It was all of that bp I had smeared and slathered all over my face earlier. ](*,) So of course I quickly hightail it to the ver
  8. Yeah, this site's great, it's sooo damn addicting!!
  9. Worked GREAT for my two younger sisters (who both milder acne than me) but didn't do a damn thing for me. Except made my skin soft and lightly fragrant! I'd still get 2-3 pimples every other day or something, and they were the larger pimples. I think it's very good for people who get like, oh, a pimple a month or something. Has kept my sister's clear for more than a year.
  10. Yeah, he smelled like a fraud EARLY on- I was surprised people were still listening to his very broad and general answers, answers that if you've researched and been on this board for long enough, know that it's not any new information. The part he said about red marks fading also raised a red flag right away for me. Yes, they DO fade, and I had a pretty bad breakout about a month and a half ago, and all of those pimples that have shrunken to red marks are clearing up nicely and are almost gon
  11. yeah, I have a deep brown color to my hair and I'm noticing light shades of highlights forming on my bangs... :-k I think it sort of looks cool, I usually get highlights during the summer anyways, this was just a weird little surprise.
  12. Hope the success continues for you, J.R.! On a side note. BazookaJoe, did you get your name from the Real World, San Diego??? I was laughing so hard when I read your name. If that isn't what your name was referring to, sorry for laughing, lol. But if it is, damn, I wish I would've thought of it first!!
  13. I didn't know shaving was part of the routine...I don't have very much facial hair either, I shave (lightly) like, once every other day, sometimes longer. Good luck on starting out!! You sound like me, I ended my accutane course, starting getting breakouts again about 4, 5 months after my course ended (although considerably lighter than before the treatment, it was starting to get bad) and since being on the regimen, I'm about 98-99% clear. It's great!
  14. Don't have a problem with the on-the-spot 2.5%. When I used to use the 10% Oxy stuff, it would bleach EVERYTHING. Maybe the lower concentration has less of the bleaching effect? Don't know. Maybe I'm just more careful.
  15. I'm surprised you can put bp on your body like that. Doesn't it ruin your clothes? Awhile back, I used to try to put bp on my chest and back before I had a course of accutane (since then, the only acne I get now is on my face. No more bacne or chestne thanks to accutane!!) and when I'd sweat, the bp would just bleach my clothes like crazy. Ruined a few good shirts that way. ](*,)