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  1. sooo ive been using differin cream at night and just neutrogena wash for my face for the last 5 years, in between those years i tried apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, baking soda and proactive. Proactiv worked really well, then i went to a derm and she advised me to steer away from it, thus the just the differin during the night. my last visit i had a cry ( i know im such a baby lol) cause its been ages and if anything it looks worse, so she said to continue my regimen and think about accutan
  2. Thank you for the comment!!!! You're so lovely!

  3. So recently went to this skin analysis thing and had my face looked at, ended up telling me the usual stuff like yes you have oily skin, you should be doing something about it... Then I think to myself, wtf I've been trying to do something for most of my teen life. So after the analysis was done they recommended products to try, these products were$200 for a kit or and alternative was one bottle that was $132. Sure they could help, but seriously you'd think by now these specialists would be able
  4. ahhh im seriously lost haha. the soft coloured bumps on my nose are frustrating me along with the HUGE pores and recurring blackheads on my nose, upper lip and chin. I've been to the derm a couple of times and she's offered to squeeze the bumps ( i forgot the proper skin word haha) but says a, i think its called a pit scar? will be left, and ive got heaps already argghh lol shes offered me roaccutane now, but im yet to accept, im a bit hesistant and to be honest im scared of the side effects, e
  5. http://iqqubeauty.com/int/index.php/review.../13/category/3/ anyone had experience with this, if so, how'd it go?
  6. Hi Kaylaah, thanks for the comment on my gallery. You're very pretty!

  7. my skin gets so oily, its frustrating. I heard that moisturizing generously at nigh, keeps skin less oily in the day? true or false? haha sorry may seem like a stupid question!
  8. Hey again good to know, the beach worked for a few of us, and as for my trip it was to a sydney suburb. good luck ya'll
  9. I recently came back from a trip with family ( which was quite fun) and since we were so close to the beach I decided to take a swim everyday. Within the 5 days i was there, i noticed that my skin was clearing up and becoming less oily. Now back from my trip, the skin isn't has good but it isn't at its worse. I guess the salty water is good?
  10. its a french blemish cream, anyone tried it.. if so does it work?
  11. Yeah i'm cool thank you. Got a bad cold right now so not feeling to great. Whas new with u?

  12. i heard from a friend that there is something called chinese 'pimple tea'. Its apparently green tea with honeysuckle.. anyone tried it??
  13. yeh i know ay, well im alright i guess.. how r ya?

  14. Hey ya. Long time no hear. How r u? x