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  1. i was prescribed benzoyl peroxide, but my insurance didn't cover it or offer co copay. I will switching insurance soon, so I should be trying benzoyl peroxide soon enough. It just makes me feel so insecure when I can see people eyeballing all over my face when talking to me.
  2. So I've had acne for about 3 years now, I'm almost 19. I'm quite fed up with it. It completely ruined my high-school life because I could see picking looking all over my face when I was talking to them and it felt bad. I tried a whole bunch of home remedies but nothing. I finally decided to see my gp and she gave me doxycycline which has no results and now tetrinoin which isn't doing much. No one in my entire family has had acne. My siblings and parents are all clean. My uncle however, had sever