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  1. Hi! I have shallow scarring and had the Obaji peel done apx. 2 years ago. It made my skin look "glowy" for about 2 weeks and then I really didn't notice a difference in my scarring. In fact, I had gotten a couple of new ones from some scabbing. I scar extremely easy, so you may not react in the same way. I had 5 days of being confined to the house, looking like a smurf and it didn't help a bit. Also, the doctor applied it under my eyes and now I think they look a bit more aged. Hope thi
  2. Lexie, I think you should have seen a difference before now. I was just at my derm and asked him how long it takes to kick in on most people...he said within a couple of weeks, but some people take up to 3 months. Not very encouraging news for you. I wanted to let you know that since going on Yasmin and having such a dramatic and almost immediate clearness (I'm talking almost within a couple of days) I wondered if it was the Yasmin and not the Spiro that was working since I was taking them
  3. Hi spirit, Sorry, I didn't realize that you were on here. I went back and edited my first response to you as I realized I left out some of what you were asking me. As a response to pore size...it's hard to say. It did reduce them while I was on it...but as the oil returned so did the pores. I don't really think that they are any different in size than before the accutane.
  4. Spirit, Please don't hesitate to ask me anything!! I wish I had found this forum when I was going through it myself. Mine did exactly what yours are doing. I wouldn't even touch them and I'd have a scar. It is incredibly hard not to touch them because they are mountain sized and hurt, hurt, hurt! I got ones that were soooo much bigger than before I was on it. I am positive it created almost all of the scarring that I have because before the accutane my skin would get cysts, but nothing l
  5. Hi myrl, can you tell me what at home peel you used and where you ordered it? I see so many different ones advertised but don't know which to trust. Thanks!!
  6. I also forgot to add that when I was on accutane the last time with a different derm, he gave me oral steroids for the increased initial breakouts and cysts that come with starting accutane. They really worked to keep those breakouts at bay. If you decide you want to stay on accutane you may ask your derm for a prescription for them to help you avoid some of that scarring as those HUGE cysts at the beginning were the ones that always scarred me the most.
  7. Hi spirit, Accutane took about 3 months before I had totally clear skin from it. Then my derm would keep me on it another 2 months. My rounds were apx. 5 months each time I was on it. It would clear up my skin for about a year after each round. Each time I was on it my skin scarred a little more each time. It may be that accutane works for you the the very first time--at least I hope it does. I know that I am in the small population of people that it doesn't work for. If you feel that
  8. I tried every type of vitamin imaginable. I don't take a multi-vitamin at present...I am using only b6, grapeseed extract and vitamin c per the derm. After I've had clear results for at least a year then I will add some things back in to make sure they are not breaking me out.
  9. Laet, You are so right...it's hard to know what will work for who. I have shallow scarring on each lower half of my face...not horrible, it could be worse and I am not as unfortunate as some with the deep scarring, but it still covers a large portion of each side of my face. I've just recently gotten clear so i couldn't really start the removal process until now. I'm doing retin-a micro to even out scarring and checking into the n-lite laser. I had a laser test done and it takes awhile
  10. Gotta give him one for creativity...wish I had thought of it. I think I'll quit my job so I can concentrate full time on coming up with these things and wait for the money to roll in. :twisted:
  11. Laet, Sorry, I didn't realize that you posted to me here. Did you find where I posted the symptoms in reply to x-ray under n-lite laser? I hope it helps. I could never figure out why my skin scarred so easily compared to my other friends who had acne. They would pick and really not get scars...I on the other hand would leave mine alone and scar from just having it come on my face. What type of scarring do you have? I read your post regarding having scarring from the laser. Did the las
  12. Laet, Sorry to break in here, but I think I may have something helpful for those wanting to know about scarring worse from laser. I posted under n-lite laser in this section if you want to check it out. In a nutshell, my derm gave me insight into who scars and who doesn't from laser and why. I wrote a huge post and it may help with some questions you have if you can get through all my rambling.
  13. hawaiianized, Thanks for your reply. I have shallow scarring and was under the impression that subcision was for deeper scarring....am I mistaken? I have to admit that I haven't read many of the posts on subcision due to thinking that it wasn't for my type of scars. I have, however, done many searches on n-lite and most of what I can find are sites run by clinics who offer the procedure and they mainly talk about wrinkles. I am also skeptical of these sites as they are advertising the proce