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  1. I am on day 78 of accutane. the first 2 months were on Claravis, month one 20mg and month two 40mg. The third month I am still on 40 mg but I bought the name brand.. My acne seems worse than ever.. Is this normal? My face hurts so bad and I have the same ones that just keep fading and then coming back full force and it is very painful... Can anyone tell me when they started clearing up. I can hardly deal with this anymore...
  2. Thanks Lorrie! I have 2 girls and a boy. The only time I had acne was in 2002 when I started taking Mercette birth control pills.. I started getting horrible acne about a month into taking it but since i had never used birth control before i had no idea that it was the cause of my acne.. then about 4 months into seeing a derm she said why don't we try to switch your birth control pills to ortho tri cyclen.. i took that pill religiously and ended up getting pregnant with my son while on it.. onc
  3. I used the neutrogena kit before i started breaking out again and it was great.. I used it every night for a week and then every other night after that.. I washed my face, then used the microdermabrasion, then rinsed it off, applied my topical which was SA instead of bp. It seems to get rid of my spots faster and I am allergic to BP. then I followed with my moisturizer.. it says not to use it with BP or SA but I did and it seemed to work better.. I ran out of the creme about a week before I had
  4. Well the ingrediants i included are only some of them. They do have Zinc in them as well.. I have not purchased them yet because Iwanted to see if anyone had tried them.. I went to my gyno about my acne and he told me that since I am done having children, I need to give my body atleast 4 months after birth to let my hormones regulate.. My daughter is only 2 1/2 months so at 4 months, if I am happy with everything meaning my periods and my pms is not bad then he will tie my tubes and that will me
  5. Where do you get skin allergy tablets? Are they prescription? What are they called?
  6. I am not sure where to post this, but I was just wondering, I called Sunshine Nutrition and GNC nutrition to ask about body cleanses for acne and the woman at SN told me that she had acne years ago and she started taking a tablespoon of liquid Chlorophyll added to a glass of juice every morning and she said it cleared right up.. The man at GNC said that he has struggled with acne his whole life and he currently has it under control.. he said that he does take 2 chlorophyll capsules daily but tha
  7. Long story short.. I just started my faithful regimen last night after having to stop it due to pregnancy.. After 9 months of pregnancy and 2 months post partum, i cannot remember if this happened before.. i have 4 pimples currently active.. my face does not feel tight or dry but when i put my makeup on this morning, the 4 pimples looked like they were dry and peeling.. They are still sore and raised so does that mean that the regimen is drying out my skin and going to make it worse or is it jus
  8. If you don't want to try any of the products that I suggested to you before, then why don't you go get you some face scrub pads. They are small round pads that you use to exfoliate.. They have like gentle and rough ones, you want the gentle ones obviously.. Then just make sure that you have a good moisturizer with an spf of atleast 15. just wet the pad with warm water and gently rub your face with it for like a minute. Then apply moisturizer.. Since you don't have to remove makeup you can get aw
  9. I would say that you are allergic to BP. If I were you, this is what I would do.. Use a mild cleanser like Noxema (my preference) or cetaphil. Take a washcloth and very gently exfoliate with the cleanser.. Don't pick unless it is very ready. Then follow dan's advice on popping pimples.. this should be done right after cleansing. Then follow with 2% medical grade SA made by Glytone. Not the otc stuff with lots of alcohol added. Except the Noxema brand. It works to just not as fast.You can get it
  10. Well I just had a baby so my skin changes are all hormonal right now but before I got pregnant, I had perfectly clear skin and I used Noxema cream cleanser and I went to target and bought a large package of those round face scrub pads. I rubbed the noxema on my face and used the pads to gently exfoliate. Then I used the noxema toner with 2% Salycilic Acid on a cotton ball and gently rubbed it on my face and last I used Mary Kay timewise moisturizer. Once I ran out of that I went to the health fo
  11. The same thing happened to me 7 years ago when i tried proactiv. You are having an allergic reaction.. Proactiv doesn't work for alot of people because they don't tell you anywhere in their commercials or in your order that you must provide your own moisturizer. I called to return mine and that is when the woman told me that the 3 step system does not include a moisturizer and she asked me was I using one. I said no cause I thought that it was included in one of the 3 steps.. The itching is bec
  12. Go to the health food store and buy Burt Bees Garden Tomato Toner for oily and troubled skin... Use it 2 times per day.. it is a miracle cure and not that expensive.. Plus it has all natural ingrediants..very good for your skin..I have not been oily at all since I started using it...p.s. the alcohol that is in it is not a chemical but the kind that you can actually drink that comes from corn..
  13. I use the Cover Girl neutralizer concealer stick all over my face instead of liquid foundation. It is not heavy so I never feel all oily and dirty. I use mineral veil as my powder. It has something in it that covers red spots and pimples well. Check out the bare minerals website and read what it says that the mineral veil does.. Whatever it does it works.. I wish I knew how to post a photo of me so people could see me with it on and also see how well my acne products have been working on my horm
  14. Lasers are Heat.. Most of them will burn the skin off and some of them will lighten the skin. If you are black or dark complected and you have this done only on your back, then your back will no longer be the same tone as the rest of your body.. Here is a link to a photo of a black woman that had the Obagi treatment. It is used for the same purpose as most lasers, but the Obagi takes much longer to work and has longer more painful down time. That is why people usually choose lasers if they can a
  15. I have the answer for everyone... and if someone can tell me how to post a photo I will show you what these products have done for me.. First of all, the 2 products that I am going to tell you about are expensive but I reccommend getting them from Ebay or finding someone that sells the product in your area and ask for a sample ... The first product is going to be for those of you who still get active breakouts as well as red spots.. It is made by IS Clinical and it is called active serum.. http