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  1. So what do you think guys? Do you think it's okay to continue using ACV?
  2. So should I stop ACV first til heals up fully? Aw just when ACV was doing wonders it burns my skin!
  3. So how long will this take to heal up? So what should I do to help my skin? Is this normal? what should I do to prevent it?
  4. No way! Moisturizer should help your skin heal! It keeps your skin healthy and that's what's important!
  5. Oh wow! Yeah I am currently experiencing this! I have stopped using ACV as of now to make my skin heal... I just apply a moisturizer now and massage my skin so that would help it heal faster. I hope this peels of in a few days and I hope it unveals a nice layer of skin underneath! But now it bothers me.. Ugh.
  6. Okay, so I've been using ACV for over a week now Results are visible.. But something else is happening.. some patches of my skin have become rough... particularly on the arera where most of the red marks are and where I apply the ACV. i got a facial last week and this started after that facial... Just regular cleaning and they did some laser thing. Any link? It feels rough and I kinda feel like it's going to peel. When it's dry those parts are realllyy tight and rough - sometimes it even stin
  7. Do you notice that when you wake up your skin is all smooth and nice? Okay this applies to me anyway... When I get up in the morning, my skin is so smooth and the red marks are not there. They reappear when I shower and wash my face. Then subsides again after a few hours but not as faint as when I wake up... Do you know why this happens? I'm just curious... Anyway ACV works great! I use it 100% and it's almost a week and My marks have faded! Will keep using this regimen. My regimen is now Mor
  8. ACV Works for me... I use to 100% doesn't sting or anything and it DEFINITELY is effective. Been using it less than a week and truly there are results... Plus my skin has never been this healthy. So smooth and so soft! Anyway, I've been reading about lemon juice and that egg mask, but I don't think the egg particularly does anything for the red marks, so i settled with lemon juice. So I bought lemons and I juiced them put them in a bottle and I used 100% on my face using a cotton ball. Doesn't
  9. Mandy how did the mask feel? Did it do any good? What do you think?
  10. I'll try it out tonight... My current regimen is : Morning and Night... Wash + ACV + Licowhite Blemish control and brightening cream I Leave it on all day Twice a week I exfoliate using Baking Soda + Water I want these red marks to fade!! I don't have any pimples now but yeah there are tiny white heads and blackheads on my cheek and nose but no pimples whatsoever. I'm htinking of getting a facial done.. would that help? Thanks guys
  11. Has it really worked for you? Does it really work? How long will it take to significantly make your red marks fade? I'm thinking of trying this... I'm currently on ACV been using it for 3 days, some improvement (I think) but I need a fast solution.. Something that would show me great results in a week or so. Thanks