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  1. Update: 16 Weeks Post-Tane Hey guys, to those who will even read this, I thought I'd give an update after about four months off the drug. Here's how I've improved: - No random flushing anymore at all, my skin tone is even and returned to normal. - No excess oil at all, I can go days without even washing my face. - No clogged pores, they haven't come back. - Skin texture is normal, but it's much softer/smoother than before, and no longer fragile. - Not a single zit on my back for about six mon
  2. Hi everyone, I went on a 6 month Accutane regimen that took care of my acne, hopefully for good. The only upsetting complaint I have about taking the drug is that I still have scarring from my initial breakout. On both sides of my chin, near my mouth, I have rolling scars. They're slight indents that aren't that visible in normal light, but when a light is vertically shining down my face they become very evident. From what my derm has told me, she said she thinks they will fill in with time.
  3. I'm about a month off my course and my face randomly flushes, too. It's really, really annoying, especially when I get nervous or embarrassed, because I turn even more red because I know I'm red. It just turns bright red, and I can feel the blood flowing to the skin. The derm said that should go away, and I guess I believe her, because it's gotten a lot better in the past month. She said I could have a laser process done where the zap the top-most layer of blood vessels in your skin, and it gets
  4. Day 200, 1 week post-Tane Hey everyone. I'm off Accutane officially as of a week ago, I started an awesome new job and graduated from Uni so life is going great. I actually didn't even pick up my final box of 40mg, so I ended up with a total of around 10,000mg. I stopped early because my skin had been clear for almost two months and I was flushing BAD. I would flush bright red like nuts every couple hours for no reason. The good news is that that has almost gone away in the past week off Accuta
  5. Day 168 Long time since my last update. Over the past two weeks my derm went on vacation so I've been taking little to no Accutane, thought about stopping it because I'm clear, but then decided to do one final month for the heck of it. Just picked up my *hopefully* final blister packs for 80mg/day for the next 30 days. Acne Status: Things have been great. I haven't had a single major zit for about two months, and maybe a total of four small whiteheads since I last posted 38 days ago. I have ha
  6. Congratulations man. I'm glad you're done and things seem to be going well for you.
  7. Hi All, I've been on the tane for 5 months, about to start the sixth month. I'm at 9000mgs and I weigh 85kg, so that's a ratio of 105mg/kg. I have gotten three zits total in the past two months, and nothing for about three weeks. I'm hating the side effects of the drug but wonder if I should keep going for one more month to push me over the sweet spot of 120mg/kg. Any thoughts?
  8. I would suggest perhaps not washing your face at night and if you must, just use water. It sounds crazy, so try it or don't, but I've been doing that for about three months. It significantly reduced my itchiness and irritation, which were caused by mostly by me. I only wash in the morning, and gently. Cetaphil is good, I use that. Trust your mom about H&S, I just know it works so I use it. Do what you must with your roots, but don't say I didn't warn you.
  9. Don't lose hope. You're a beautiful woman and acne can't take that away. You will be clear with time. Moisturize well at night and your itchiness should subside, and get some Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo for your scalp. It will help a lot. Take care, -M
  10. Hey man, thanks for stopping by my blog and for your encouraging and kind words. It's funny you say that because your blog excels in many areas where mine doesn't, such as humor. Aside from the good information you post you've got a ton of funny shit to say. It makes it entertaining. I hope you decide what to do with your course, whether you take 120mg (quite a bit but not that much more than 80mg really) or take another month. If I had the option right now, I would probably just do another mont
  11. Hey nomattic, I left a response on your blog. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. Day 130 Acne Status: I'm pretty damn near entirely clear on my face. I've gotten about three zits total in the past three weeks or so. Insanity. I've got a couple clogged pores here and there, but nothing major. I managed to give myself a zit the other day by picking at a clogged pore I want to remove. But even that cleared up in about a day. My back is another story, I'm still breaking out. Don't k
  12. Hey Wynne, thanks for dropping by. Yes, I think I'm finally starting to turn the corner. Day 113 Acne Status: I never thought I'd say this, but things are looking great. My face has only gotten about four zits since the last time I posted, which was 13 days ago! The past three days I haven't gotten a single thing. What's great is that there are no surprises when I do get a zit -- it's always the clogged pores that I was already aware of. They just slowly but surely come out in the form of a z
  13. You won't have acne cheeks your whole life. Stick with it, you'll likely experience more ups and downs but one day you'll realize your skin is clearing. That will be a happy day.