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  1. I finished my 7 month course 5 weeks ago. I still have acne although there was some improvement already I am getting new spots. Anyhow... I want to know when I can start drinking again? I think it should be ok now but wanted to know if other people had been given any advice.
  2. I amm finishing my course in a week, I have been on tane for 7 months... my skin is now far worse than before. Oh well I've had my temper tantrum and now I'm planning a return to drinking party with a teenage theme to match my teenage skin ( I am 27!) and looking forward to not being tired and achy and dry. Anyway people with acne get less wrinkles so there is an upside- in 10 years! Keep positive and I hope your skin gets sorted!
  3. I asked this about a month ago and was given the advise that it would be ok as long as I ensured no harsh products were used. I had a lovely facial although I think the therapist thought I was wierd as I kept stressing the need for gentle products ( I live in China and my Chinese is the same level as a 10 year olds still so kept needing reasurrance!) It was lovely and relaxing and for the next few days my skin looked awesome. Then I went overseas to meet my partners friends and family and I ha
  4. Thank you for replying. Although I do not wish anyone else getting ill it is good to know that I am not the only one!
  5. title says it all... In the last few weeks I have had 2 coldsores, a stye in m eye and I now have a fever. I am trying to to my best to live super healthy and get loads of sleep and moderate exercise but I seem to just get everything going. Is this happening to anyone else? has anyone managed to shake off irritating illnesses? I think I just wanted to share how rubbish I feel to be honest! I have been on 40 mg since february. Thank you for any advise!
  6. I would say that you should go private. I had moderate acne for 14 years and although I had tried every topical cream antibiotic etc etc, NHS derm just said no. This is not medical but cost cutting as accutane is expensive I moved overseas where I have private health care, was referred straight away by the doctor and derm said yes straight away. I know it would be costly if my employer did not pay but I think I would have still gone for it eventually private... good luck.
  7. I posted about cold sores and think that it is probably my immune system too. I am a bit gutted as I am only on 40mg. This week I also caught a cold grrrr especially as being on tane has meant that I am eating so healthily
  8. Hi I have been taking tane for 2 months now at 40mg. It does seem to be working now. Yaaay! Although I have not had any, major side effects, this week I have had a stye (sp) on my eye and 2 massive cold sores. I have just had a holiday and returned to work feeling fine and refreshed so can discount stress or being run down. I was wondering if other people had experienced this and whether they had used over the counter cold sore remidies or if these are too harsh and I will just have to let
  9. although so far I have not had real side effect except very dry lips, is it ok to get facials whilst on tane? Just fancy being pampered...
  10. I went from blonde back to brunette and will keep dying my hair throughout the course ( i am going grey!)
  11. Hey good luck with the tane. I started taking nimegen the same day you started the tane ( I now live in asia and i think nimegen is asian version of Tane.) I wish I had gone private when I lived in UK and just got this sorted. Luckily here my company pays for medical cover which is fab but I know that it would have been worth it. I have not noticed much difference yet although my skin is very dry so i am just going to keep my fingers crossed. Good luck!
  12. Good luck with it. I personally do not think that you should be on accutane when you are 16 as for many people acne does clear up. I have just started tane now aged 26 having had spots since I was 11. One doctor I went to said that he would not prescribe until I was 30 (that was in the UK though and the healthcare is free do they do not want to give you expensive drugs) I realise that this is off topic.