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  1. does hte aloe vera stuff that you put on sunburns work?? i have never seen these leaves you guys are talking about but i have the sunburn stuff
  2. god im getting absoloutley NO regrowth.. im so frustrated .. does the grape seed extract promote regrowht? or just stop shedding?
  3. lamarr could you recommend to me the best grape seed extract product to get from GNC.COM?
  4. i live in ontario canada where can i order the grape seed extract from!?
  5. lamarr just so i don't sound like an idiot what should I ask my derm for... just steroids haha? and do these steroids cause an increase in shed before they start to help? i don't know if i can take that
  6. yea on occasion not as much as it used to though, so are you saying theres still a chance it might recover on its own? My derm is real skepitcal though.. he is probably just going to call me crazy
  7. ok so ... lamarr i took accutane for 2 and a 1/2 months.. im now 10 months post tane like i said, should i wait any longer to see if it ressolves on its own or go bug my derm for steroids?
  8. hey, lammar.. im like 10 or so months post tane id say.... im not losing as much as i used too... like 20 -30 hairs a day... i had regrowth like 5 months ago lots of little hairs at the front of my head... (blonde hairs) i have brown hair.... but since that one regrowth i havent noticed any kind of regrowth and it seems the sides of my head are way thinner then the top of my head... any advice on what to take? i sure hope.. my hair just doesnt stay like this... it used to be so thick
  9. ... accutane is fucking bullshit if you want to lose your hair then take it.
  10. well david, i dont think you can go bald on the sides of ur head you? haha the only thing that scares me is i see regrowth ontop of my head but not on the sides.... hmm we should find out if side head loss (above ear) is good or bad
  11. i seem to be loosing most of the hair on the sides of my head.. the top is definately thicker than the sides.. is this bad or good? i just didnt think u could go bald on th sides of ur head..
  12. i want it to get better so badly.. i only took accutane for 2 and 1/2 months.... maybe i should get a haircut ive let it grow kinda long.. so maybe hairs are breaking off cause its too long on the top of my head... after a shower and i let it dry.. ill see lots and lots of 1-2cm hairs sticking up at teh front ... but i dont see much as i go further back and like NONE at all on the sides of my head.... i just dont see how thats enough regrowth !!! someone plz lie to me and reasuure me lol.... or
  13. k i see maybe 100 or so hairs 1-2cm long at the front of my head... but my hair still looks and feels REALLY thin.... also how hte hell does this compare with the 1000's of hairs that i lost... im still shedding also 5 months post tane actaully SHIT its been 6months aghh!!
  14. I took my last accutane pill about 4 months ago.. Right now i ahve this bitch of a cyst on my cheek, i remember when i took tetracycline it got rid of them like ovenight. I have some left in my cupboard... is it ok if i pop a couple of them? i havent been on accutane for soo long