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  1. dude i heard a girl got decapitated at virginia tech, on campus lol... i hope it wasent u who did that

  2. dude any moisterizing cream will make that go away its called dry skin... everyone has that some better some worse, you have like no actual acne though so ur fine, ask for some moisterizing lotion or something from store..
  3. calibos sucks.

  4. Danith


    you r done wit acne and i think your skin has a very nice glow too, nice looking face in general.
  5. I used to breath through my mouth but people were always saying i made a ton of noise so now i breath through my nose more.
  6. i like tons of bands... my fav band proly the strokes, or the killers, i like the misfits, green day, blink, drop dead gorgeous, devil wears prada, alesana, bfmv, and the list goes on and on

  7. i wouldnt go on accutane if i were you, the best thing for acne is some over the counter BP, and its cheap and very safe, its made with aloe vera which is a plant with great properties

  8. I for one would enjoy going to virginia just because of what happened but im weird like that. Craig is such a bitch he couldnt fuck up just one band he had to fuck up escape the fate and btf.

  9. you look asian, asian and pretty cute.
  10. didnt virginia tech get shot the fuck up lol btf used to be cool now they suckz.

  11. dont be such a drama queen son, your perfectly fine, i for one had the worst holidays ever and im still not killing myself.

  12. dude i seriously doubt youd post your suicide note on acne.org but then again that would proly be a first for this site. Anyyway you look perfectly fine, take it from me because i like guys and your quite cute, i doubt you'll have any problems getting girlfriends, wives, etc, acne is something everybody goes through, that shit doesnt get me down anymore i got way bigger problems then being ugly.
  13. Danith

    Looking bad........

    to me that looks pretty good, at least you have alot of clear skin, thats like everybody acne, see tons of ppl on the street with one or two pimples like that
  14. im guessing there will be pictures here why do i need to write a fucking description
  15. hey looking good in ur picture, sorta evil but good.

  16. that looks exactly like you dont it its in like the first seconds of video

  17. Danith

    i got a weird haircut.

    a chelsea hawk, done by my sisters bf.
  18. I was on youtube watching a metro station video called control to see if it was any good and i noticed a guy that i was sure was you... you should check it out.

  19. Danith


    lol at the comments, very pretty pic though, you wearing makeup?
  20. Danith

    me in my ESKimo hat

    your face looks a tiny bit red.....
  21. Danith


    new haircut and the clearest skin ive had ina while