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  1. Helped but not too much

    I started drinking a lot of milk when I tried to gain muscle. It worsened my acne by a lot so cutting dairy is a way to go. But recently I have found out that I am gluten intolerant and when you eat gluten but your body fights it your ability to digest lactose decreases too. So if not eating dairy improves your acne I'd recommend avoiding gluten too as not eating it cleared my acne completely. It is said that once your gastrointestinal tract heals you can start eating dairy again but I don't thi
  2. It worked but not completely

    Green tea is great. I drink it three times a day after every meal (it can cause acid reflux if you drink it on empty stomach). Probably any loose tea (not in tea bags) will work but I have been drinking Gyokuro (probably the most expensive but I buy Chinese, which is cheaper) and Thai Nguyen (Vietnamese, cheap but good quality). I take a table spoon per cup, let it steep in 80 °C water for 20 minutes. Put tea in and let it cool in a teapot, no need to keep it on a stove to keep it at 80 °C. The
  3. Only way to clear my acne altogether

    I have had cystic acne for about ten years. On my back and shoulders, on my face mostly around jaw on the cheeks and around mouth. I have been to three different dermatologists and I had an Accutane-like treatment. Nothing helped. About three years ago I started exercising and my acne improved. I never ate a lot of dairy but to get more muscle I started drinking more milk and it worsened my acne so I stopped, that was about a year ago. Then my dad bought some green tea. I drank about three cups