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  1. I'm using sheer cover..it used to be fine for me because i'm afraid of liquid foundation but now that i suddenly have acne it doesn't cover very well..Looking to try revlon colorstay as others have suggested but i want to pick the right color before i purchase it. to be honest i don't think anything will cover my brown marks.. *so depressing*
  2. What shade would be suitable for me? I'm asian with medium skin tone? I've never found a good match for me and i'm too scared to put up a pic on here sorry =(
  3. Hi Sephora..Will Revlon colorstay break me out? I'm afraid to wear foundation..I don't have a lot of pimples left but alot of dark spots and redness left after a pimple. Have you tried Eucerin redness reducer or something like that..i heard from others about this product.
  4. OOOH thanks for letting me know...i didn't know it can cause breakouts. Thank you for the info =)
  5. I think vitamin e directly on the face is VERY greasy. I am not doing that again..
  6. Alright..it has been a few days since i posted the question and I've tried aloe vera but it dried my skin and i'm afraid to try it again. My skin was pealing when i woke up. Anyway...I just clean my skin with Cetaphil cleanser and i love it because it doesn't irritate my skin at all. I've used the less is more approach and I think it's helping my skin. My red marks are fading away with time so I think i'll leave it be..in the mean time i'm thinking of using the ACV method..still afraid though. I
  7. Oh i was wondering instead of makeup..will Eucerin redness relief perfecting lotion work as well??? I'm afraid make up will break me out more...
  8. I want to give aloe vera another try..I used fruit of the earth one as others have mentioned but i'm getting flaky where I applied it. Is this suppose to happen? Can anyone let me know pleaseeeeee
  9. I'm asian so I guess medium skin? Oh i'm wondering if those green concealer work for redness? because it says it counteract with redness...I was gonna try that too...
  10. Ok so i've tried putting aloe vera on my face...its sooooo drying! over night it compeletely dried my forehead and my skin is flaky where i applied it. IS THIS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN? i'm scared i'm making things worse...*sigh*
  11. OH i was also wondering where I can buy ACV? How long should i do these treatments until I see results? I usually give up pretty fast..
  12. Thanks! I'm gonna try that and possibly update if it works for me...I'm really self conscious because I've never had this problem before until recently...uggh..
  13. Hello all I've spent a lot of time reading through these posts and there's a lot of options you guys mention in reducing red marks but I'm just wondering what's the best route to go because I'm going to be trying it for the first time. Please give me your opinion on what works best. Some people has mentioned apple cider vinegar...or aspirin paste and egg whites and lemon or aloe vera. Please help! So many to choose from. Thanks in advance.=) u guys are really helpful!
  14. I was wondering if this is good to treat acne scars. Any opinions are greatly appreciated. Thank you. =)
  15. Oh really? I think that's a good idea too but everyone else is using this and that so I thought I'd ask what kind of products they use..Is Dove bar the only thing you used and it works for u? Thanks for replying...ur the only person that did lol