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  1. I have seen the best results on these types of scars... After 5 treatments, they have "filled in" a lot. Granted, they haven't gone away, but they look a LOT better. I have been surprised by this. I just had my sixth and last one Friday, but I am still pretty red, a little swollen, and VERY flaky. We'll see how I feel about it all in a few months...
  2. I think the number of passes probably makes a difference, and my dermatologist indicated the same when I asked her about it. That being said, I have only been able to tolerate 4 passes on the aggressive settings on my cheeks (my scarred area). After 4 treatments, I am seeing improvements, but it has not been quite the miracle I had hoped for, by any stretch of the imagination. I have 2 treatments, left, however, so the jury is still out on if the downtime/pain/$$ are worth it.
  3. The Round Rock location has it on order, but I am not sure when it will be in. I was hoping to get at least 2 treatments with the new machine and new tip, but it doesn't look like that will happen, unless they have gotten it in within the past few weeks. (My next treatment is Friday). I would assume the Westlake location either already has it or has it on order as well... They do a lot more treatments out there from what I understand.
  4. Did anybody ever answer this for her? I am curious about this, too. Also, has anyone found that their skin is healing faster with each progressive treatment?
  5. My doctor prescribed a cream typically used for people with Rosocea, called Finacea. I am supposed to use it as soon as the stinging goes away, which for me is about 4-5 days after treatment. It really helps with the post-Fraxel breakouts, which for me are mostly minor inflammed pores, and (knock on wood) NOT cystic fare-ups. FYI, I had my 4th Fraxel on Friday, and got a ton of the whiteheads this time (for some reason, I have a different reaction with each treatment). I tried a little on
  6. I am just curious... What is the most number of fraxel treatments you have heard of anyone getting?
  7. Thanks, Annde. I am thinking about trying that this time (waiting 4 weeks) and seeing how it goes... Maybe the derm. will have the new machine by then, also!
  8. The dermatologist I am seeing said that you will see results with your fraxels up to 6 weeks apart, but with the best results 2 to 4 weeks apart. I am really trying to decide how far to space mine apart. I am a lot redder and peeling a lot more than my first fraxel, two weeks ago. I am just not sure how much a girl can take! ;) I would like to know if anyone has any additional thoughts, advice, experience to share on how far apart to space them.
  9. I am not sure, but I would think they have either ordered or have it already (and I bet they may have it already). She didn't mention a price increase, either. I would just call and ask to see what they say.
  10. I had my 2nd Fraxel done yesterday. The dermatologist really ramped up the intensity on my cheeks (my only scarred areas) and I have a lot of pinpoint bleeding, which I didn't expect. I think there is something about my skin that just soaks up the blue dye... It isn't quite as bad this time, but around any edge or crease I am still smurfy. They have me coming every 2 weeks. Is anyone else doing them this close together? Also, she told me they have the new Fraxel AND the new tip that doesn
  11. They told me my scars should be (basically) gone, too. Interesting. I hope they are right! Good luck.
  12. I am also going to Westlake Dermatology, but I am having my Fraxels done the Round Rock location. It is the exact same price, but MUCH more convenient for me (I live in CP). It is interesting that they told you that about the one setting for acne scarring. The doctor in RR started me out at a moderate level for my first Fraxel and is going to a higher one next Friday. I wonder if they are more aggressive in Westlake? That is where I had my consult done. I would imagine they do a lot more o
  13. I have just had one fraxel and I would say yes. HOWEVER, I think it is mostly from the peeling post-fraxel, and not from any deep-tissue healing type stuff yet. I have had glycolic peels in the past, which temporarily softens the appearance of my scars. This is exactly what my skin looks like right now. The coloring is better, too. From what I have read, it will take at least 2 more treatments before there is any permanent, noticable improvement. (I have 5 Fraxels left)
  14. The blue is finally almost all gone, now that I am flaking pretty good. I know look like I have a sunburn or have been slathering on the Retin-A. She definitely applied the blue dye FIRST... So I can ask them to put it on after the numbing cream? I am sure that would make a difference. The pain during the treatment and redness and puffiness afterward was nothing compared to looking like a smurf for the past three days... This morning was the first time I left the house and only because I had
  15. I am still (somewhat) blue today.... After washing my face 4 times yesterday, 3 times with dishwashing liquid. Does anyone have any tips to get the rest off? Or maybe a way to avoid this next time? tia