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  1. So, after years of reading all these amazing stories and journeys I have finally started my adventure with accutane. I am a 25 year old / F with mild/moderate acne that is super persistent. I have honestly tired any and every acne product known to man. After failing on every treatment, my derm. and I decided accutane was my best bet. So after a month of pregnancy and blood tests I’m finally here today. I am nervous yet excited at the possibility of beautifully clear skin. My Day 1 was 12/19
  2. I know different things work 4 different people, but in general, which Rx is stronger?? DOXY or MINO???? AND, how are they different. I personaly have been on Doxy for about 3 months now with absoluty NO change in my skin. Do you guys think that Mino would be a good idea to try! Is it more powerful?? Please help me out here!! Thanks guys!!!
  3. gracestarfairy

    Finally Clearing

    This is me now after suffering forever with acne.
  4. What I have found to really help me is drinking a large glass of Pomegranate Juice in the morning. Yeah it's expensive and at first I really didn't like the taste, but you get use to it and the results are amazing!!! Now, I don't mind the taste and the way my skin is doing is definitely more important than the price!!! Everyone need 2 at least give this a try!!!
  5. NIORA works awesome!! Took care of mostly all of my milia!!
  6. Also known an "VITEX" . Wow, 3 names to the samething!!! No wonder life is so confusing!!! ~Elizabeth Grace
  7. Has anyone heard of or tryed the brand NIORA???? I heard it was really good and all the ingridients are natural, such as fruit extracts, and all the products are Benzoyl peroxide and Salicylic acid FREE!! Sounds great, but I wonder if it's any good!!! ANY INFO and/ or comments would be awesome!!! I NEED HELP!!! THANKS
  8. Well, I just bought the New Clearasil Ultra Daily Face Wash and I really like it so far!! I need to use it for a while longer to tell for sure if this is one prayer answered, but the reviews on drugstore.com are great. Check them out if you'd like!!!! Drugstore Clearasil Ultra
  9. I use the sensitive skin version of this face lotion and love it!!! Really helps my skin!