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  1. it is one of the few foundations that doesn't bother my skin at all, however the color never looks right on me
  2. bare minerals completely ruined both mine and my sisters skin i haven't used it in a year at least and i'm still battling red marks from it
  3. everything makes me look pink too!! so if you find anything that is more yellow based please let me know!!
  4. tdot, have you looked into hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism??
  5. okay i need help from all makeup experts.. i was matched at a MAC counter by a young woman who first put NW25 on me and then thought it was a tad too dark so added NW20 on the top...since I wasn't sure I bought both and I don't think either are right. Both of them make me look, in my opinion...too red/pink/ruddy i also occasionally use colorstay for combo in buff or sand beige and they also give my skin a pinkish tint.. i'm irish and have hazel eyes and brown hair and without makeup my cheeks a
  6. i don't mean to crash your thread but i have a question! i'm 21 and interested in going on spiro. however, i'm not currently on birch control. (i'd like to take as few pills as possible) is anyone on spiro and NOT bc?? still works? is it safe? side effects? thanks for any advice!!
  7. thanks guys..i'm gonna go for the benefit one since it seems nice and easy
  8. i drink a cup of green tea every morning after taking my first dose of fish oils...is this possibly cancelling them out?? i don't think i can deal without my morning cup of tea..
  9. thanks also one more quick question, better to get a clear finisher than a colored one?
  10. rush, my hair is dark brown (its been described as 'chestnut') which mac brow powder color would you recommend? thanks
  11. i believe it was bare minerals that ruined my skin...i've been off it about two months and am just left with a few red marks but i'm mostly clear. my skin is pretty ruddy so i always struggle with makeup choices and have yet to find the right foundation. while i love the easy application and coverage (especially by emani) of a pressed powder i'm not sure but i think it may be clogging my pores and i'm scared to have a BE repeat... i bought colorstay active but it doesn't really seem to do such a
  12. I know there has been great success around here with the h&s method i'm a bit scared off by the SLS and sodium chloride in the shampoo to put it on my skin. apparently the h&s does work because of the zinc oxide, so i was wondering if there are any cleansers around that anyone knew of/tried that contain zinc?