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  1. I got a granuloma from silicone microdroplet...about 5 years after and it is scarring as it slowly heals. Also get odd red flushing around injected areas at times. I dont come here a lot anymore but have talked to others who also have bad results. The bad results are higher than what's being reported. It reallh isn't worth it.
  2. This is a good read: http://dermatologytimes.modernmedicine.com/dermatology-times/news/modernmedicine/modern-medicine-news/topical-corticosteroid-addiction-may-be-b?page=full It talks about how you can become addicted to topical corticosteroid creams, even cortisone creams. I feel like I have a lingering rash now because of doctors prescribing me too much. I'm pretty sure the silicone injections ended up flaring my dermatitis and then I got an allergy to antibiotics so got put on pre
  3. It seems I was at full storage on messages so I deleted some, try again
  4. Yes, I believe I can still receive private messages. When my swelling moved down my face (almost like cellulitis, yet doctor said not infection when swabbed) it did create a pocket of raised skin on the corner of my chin below lip. It looked odd. I thought I could massage it but realized I was just creating more fluid under the skin. I thought I could drain the fluid out. I knew it would create a superficial wound. So it was very superficial at first. But I did use the betamethasone on it, that
  5. Well, at first my derm told me to take Septra DS and use desonide cream to get the swelling down. And it worked for a bit, it got smaller. Then guess what? I all of a sudden became allergic to Septra after 7 days on it and got the EM Minor rash. I could not even make this stuff up. So I have been itching from hives all over the last few days, but luckily with the help of prednisone, zantac, benadryl and zyrtec I think I will recover. Surprised how much Zantac can help allergic reactions. Anywa
  6. Thanks! I know I have always had very reactive, sensitive skin, but when you feel a bead like lump and then get the spreading of inflammation, it makes me think the fillers were the cause. Just don't know if it was the artefill or silicone. My main thing now is to keep in touch with a good derm and work on keeping the inflammation down. Maybe it will be manageable, just not worth it at all. Kind of hard to believe I saw practically no filling at all when injected, but now all these years later g
  7. It sucks. It really does. And I did research both silicone and artefill before I had them injected but I guess I just didn't want to believe the granuloma would happen to me. I didn't even get THAT much injected, but now, years and years later, my derm does think I have a probable granuloma from it. And since I messed with it, probably an infection with it. So I am on septra right now and will go back in a week for possible kenalog shot. This derm is nice and is going to research more on how to
  8. I would definitely try tamanu oil for raised scars...even indented ones, but raised especially. After using it for a bit now I see how it works to exfoliate off the scar tissue and renew the new skin flatter. It may take some time, but I can see that it works. Just be careful on using it all over your face until you know how your skin can react. It tends to have a drying effect on my face after I remove the oil. It can be mixed with other oils to avoid that. But for spot treating raised bumps li
  9. Don't know why my words showed up small before, LOL. The Collagen I take now is ResVitale Collagen Enhance pills. I really think it does help. It also has hyaluronic acid in it which helps to keep moisture in your skin and plump it up! Okay, no rolling? Interesting. I'm in L.A. I really would like to get subcision done more than laser but the good doctors in L.A. package the subcision with laser. Or so it seems. I'm not sure if subcision alone is not lucrative enough or if it's a tedious pro
  10. I would try to really moisturize that if they are still new, because I had some scar tissue that looked similar and it gets better with moisturization, time, and some gentle massage. I'd say they are rolling scars in areas, boxscars in others. But the redness and thickness to the skin tissue (if you feel any lumps) will go down some if you try natural oils or moisturizers. I've done polysporin a lot and realize I need to go more natural. Shea butter is okay for spot treating some scars and I'm g
  11. I would be curious to see a pic of the scarring as well. You mention you had depression before scars and I wonder if you really are magnifying your scars as in body dysmorphia a bit. I know before I got bad scarring I would actually magnify my zits in my head which caused me to overtreat them many times. Also, when you do become obsessive (it's hard not to with skin problems) it really can just mess up your healing capabilities. I'd say make a mental choice to work on your depression. When you
  12. I agree it is horrible to have someone notice it. Usually it is just my little nieces who would say anything about my skin, usually because I had creams or absolutely no makeup on at the time! Kids will say anything though. Since I've been out of high schools I really haven't been around people who would just bring up the state of my skin out of the blue. It is very rude! Yet, I just got back from visiting my mother, and she can be more critical than any stranger. I guess she means well, but she
  13. Yes, skin problems are a real struggle. Sometimes the psychological effects they cause afterward seem insurmountable, but they are really not. It is like I said before, it becomes a choice. I have done the "exposure therapy" ....I read up on it myself, never saw a shrink. It involves going out of the house without makeup and letting people really see you. As a woman for so many years I couldn't do it. Finally I did, and no one really looked at me too closely at all. I've even been out with a sma
  14. That is a reasonable request and I hope you can get help from a doctor or nutritionist someone. I know exactly what it is like, as I have eczema type reactions on my skin where it blisters and scabs. It sucks! I don't know what is causing it either. When it happens sometimes I don't leave the house for three or four days. I can work from home so that's not as issue. But I've learned to just get through it. People have struggles and I still consider myself blessed in many ways. Ag
  15. That can be a good thing that your collagen is restructuring. Do some gentle massage to the areas it will increase the blood flow.