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  1. yea i also think im kinda young to b taking it and i dont have super super bad acne just enough on my back to make them prescribe this stuff to me. thanks!
  2. well ive been through a ton of them i dont wanna take any more topicals they just dont work 4 me i was wondering if there was something like accutane but maybe not as strong or if there is some "miracle" topical anyone has tried to get rid of bacne...anything really
  3. i was also wondering that meself. i think it is but im not sure i dont take it...yet anways.
  4. ok so as i mentioned in an ealrier post i was prescribed accutane and they r giving me time to decide if i wanna take it or not. im just worried about the side effects and esp. the montly blood tests. ugh hate em! i have anxiety and acid reflux as well but i only take meds for the reflux as i am trying to get along without anxiety meds....whew its tough sometimes. im only 15 but its hereditary (the reflux and probly acne idk). so i dont want to look like a friekin lizard all dried out and crap i
  5. yea its bc it thins your skin so the blood vessels and such are closer to the surface...making it red when you poke it.
  6. is there anything i can take besides accutane. i hate the idea of getting monthly blood tests and pregnancy tests....it sucks. if anyone has taken a substitute for accutane that works please help me!
  7. how many of you take or have taken accutane? if u took it did it work and what side effects did you experience?
  8. thanks for all the suggestions...still thinking though................................................i just hate blood tests and i worry it will only add more to my already anxiety ridden life...
  9. mayb should go back on accutane...maybe ur dosage wasnt high enough or u didnt take it long enough. ive never been on it but i am considering. just thought id try to help it sounds like going back on tane is ur best option.
  10. ok so today i went to the derm and he said i was applicable to use accutane...it has some nasty looking side effects but i was willing to deal...until he brought up the monthly blood test YIKES! i hate them and i almost pass out sometimes. im willingto go through with it if i get great results. im 15 and a girl. has anyone like me gotten great results fromn this stuff and could u please give suggestions! kthanks. much love -tennischic