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  1. Mine is from skin cancer surgery 2 months ago. It’s on the upper nose so right over the bone. Have kenalog/steroid injections caused dents for you? I have silicone sheets on it but they’re doing nothing. Thanks in advance for any replies!
  2. I've tried using the search function for both the forum as a whole and specific forums, with no results--even for words that are often used in posts like "cheek." Is there a way to make it work, or do you need to use Google?
  3. Thanks again for your responses, BA! The doctor has already injected some hyaluronidase into it which seems to have made it better. But filler on me tends to stick around for a long time, and it becomes more prominent when I'm retaining water. I'd like to do another round of hyaluronidase and inject some cortisone into i, but I"m afraid that both of them together will damage the skin. Probably best to do one at a time, right? I'm feeling discouraged right now. My skin was actually pretty n
  4. Nearly a year ago, I had a series of 3 subcisions with filler around a tiny linear scar at the corner of my lip. The skin there is, of course, very thin. Now there is a white, slightly raised hypopigmented region around the scar which really the small scar. The area stands out even more against my reddish skin. Is the hypopigmentation more likely to be due to the subcision itself or the filler--or both? If the raised hypopigmented area is a result of the subcision, can anything be done abou
  5. Thanks, BA. I'm confused though about why filler would treat a kenalog scar. Again, the kenalog came from a small incision rather than from the cyst itself.
  6. Ugh, my doctor drained a cyst by making a small incision into it with his scalpel. (I had asked him not to do this and he did anyway.) Now there's a small raised scar, maybe 2-3 mm in radius. The area around it is still hyperpigmented from the cyst itself, but that usually goes away. Would getting a kenalog injection into the raise area help, or will it just cause a depression? I'm thinking of going to Novick for this. Thanks in advance!