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  1. I have the opposite problem of everyone else on here, I'm allergic to everything found in stuff that isn't Bare Minerals. I got an extensive test at the derm. to common product ingredients and had multiple allergies which I suggest to anyone with skin griefs. I love Bare Minerals so much I went to work there because everything else messed me up and there has been a massive improvement in my skin since I switched everything. Unfortunately with makeup though *nothing* is one size fits all and with
  2. I have all three types of scarring unfortunately... I blame retin-a 100%
  3. I use a 1.5mm derma stamp with the suction method found in own doc. The 1.5mm is on my cheeks... Too long for anywhere else. It works really nice.. The stamp is 1000x better in my opinion. Owndoc is a great site!
  4. Hello everyone! I've been on acne.org for quite some time as a non-user and I have to say I love the honesty of this community. I don't know what I would have done without it. Acne has been a severely lonely endurance.. In real life I do not know anyone else that has suffered like I suffered. So here is a little bit of a backstory (photos included), my skin was everything to me. I loved doing makeup artistry so I felt like my skin really complimented that. Just like some people like their eyes,