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  1. Any Harry Potter fans?! 


  2. I have white bumps on my shoulders and back and my nose and chin. It effects my confidence a lot. I'm not sure if it's scars or sebaceous hyperplasia? I have really oily skin and suffered from cystic acne in the past on my back shoulders face and nose. 

    1. Curt


      If anyone has the same please post

  3. Hey welcome to Acne.org I have been using it for about 3 months I first started it it was working pretty good then when I switched to this different cleanser I think thats what caused it but not so sure. Best thing that ever worked with my acne scarring was Ziana! Acanya worked well to. But Epiduo unfortunately doesnt treat acne scarring because it does not contain vitamin A Good luck on your Epiduo Journey! And thank you so much for following me!
  4. All of you Epiduo users out there do you feel the same pain I go through? Everytime I use Epiduo I always wake up with more break outs and the big painful ones cysts and under the skin ones! Has anyone of you have any success with Epiduo? Please post below if you have had no success with this drug!! And dont forget to follow me I would love to have new members! Oh please tell me one last thing if you do use Epiduo what type of cleanser do you use?
  5. Hey thank you for following me! And yeah this information was very helpful for me thank you so much!
  6. I'm new to this acne.org site I was just wondering how do you follow or add friends on here? I click following user on a profile but when I go to mine it doesnt show that person in the follwing list or anything?? I need help please thanks!
  7. I got a question about Accutane? Im 22 and I suffered for acne about 10 years and I hate it! I been using gels and non of it works! I just end up getting more cysts when I started using Epiduo. One that really works for me was Ziana and Acanya. Im scared about Accutane because of the Suicidal Thoughts and depression and seeing things that are not there and pressure to the brain which results in death. I work by myself and I was just wondering if accutane was to cause suicidal effects will you k
  8. Hi everyone Im Curt and I was just wondering what cleanser or wash should I use? Im using ACURE ORGANICS OILY COMBINATION CLEANSER its ok but its to drying and causes cystic acne to me. I need your guys help I suffer with oily combination skin and I try a lot of products but they all end up drying my face out. Anyone on here know a good cleanser that's not to drying to stick with if you have oily combination skin? Thank you. I want a cleanser for my Epiduo regimen haha.
  9. Hi guys my name is Curt im 22 and Im a new member on here Im from New York and I started to make this account because Im an acne suffer myself and we all know acne is a pain in the ass!! I feel that!! Delt with it all my life severe cystic acne now left with oily skin black heads and severe scarring all over my shoulders back and face! I suffered from keloids to hypertrophic raised scarring It really sucks! So yeah Im new and glad to be on here a little about myself Im a huge Teen Titans fan!! I