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  1. the last word was supposed to be "presence" lol.

  2. monsieur Jax!!!

    i said hi to you earlier but i dont think you saw.

    Anyways thanks for the welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    always nice to see that monsieur jax has missed my magnificent

  3. okay, so i like to change my perfume according to the season... this spring i am doing Miss Dior Cherie and i freaking love it. there is an amazing note of crushed strawberry leaves that i am crazy about, a barely-there caramelized popcorn note and of a course strawberry fruit note. the floral component has a lot of orange blossom and jasmin. another awesome spring scent that layers really well with miss dior cherie is Pacifica Nerola Orange Blossom. it's a pure orange blossom fragrance, very
  4. your skin does not look that bad in the first place, but good cover up! it looks flawless on the "after" although the foundation seems a little light compare to your skin color. i have major issues finding the right color, i have to go to sephora and get the counter people to help me.
  5. return it to the store and get another dress?
  6. lol, i forgot the comments had to be approved and posted the same thing twice.

  7. toasty bonz!!!

    how have you been? what's this i hear about a new girlfriend :) ?

    and i hear you bought a pack of cigs naughty naughty!! you should send them to me !

  8. toaster bonz!!!

    what's this i hear about a new e-gf?? and how have you been?

  9. papule status : tiny, flat, healing thanks for the advice guys! i have been taking two ibuprofens in the morning, icing it before i apply my make-up and putting on aloe vera straight from the plant at night. this actually worked really well... when i posted this topic it was huge, red and inflamed and now it's not half as noticeable.
  10. If you actually did pop it completely, this should help you. Put regular Visine on a Q-tip and hold it on the spot for at least thirty seconds. This will help relieve (although not completely) the redness temporarily. Also, take one or two ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. thanks for the advice! i never knew visine could do that... unfortunately i dont have any; i'm going to take a few ibuprofens though hopefully that will help.
  11. i think it's just a neck breakout... they are fairly common. just treat it like a regular breakout hopefully it will go away. it's not neccissarily a beard/shaving related thing, i'm a girl and my neck breaks out in a similar way.
  12. so i've had this "papule" on my chin for almost a week and it just kept getting bigger and badder so i finally tried to pop it. w/ out going into the gory details i can say the operation was semi-sucessful, but now i have a very tender, red inflamed bump that looks way worse please, give me tips on how to make it less red, less 3d, less noticeable
  13. tally-ho, what a charming coincidence! i am also afflicted with persistent flatulence!

  14. if that's you in your av, i think you really are gorgeous! i guess that's not the point though... some people act really sick just because they can, if he was being sarcastic his remarks are more pathetic than anything else.
  15. i was in a similar situation a long time ago... i know how hard it is when you put pressure on yourself to be "perfect" for somebody you really like. you should take a chance, but bear in mind the world will not stop turning if she does not end up being your girlfriend.
  16. by god, gentle sir, i do inquire about your life and times, how do they go?

  17. wait... you got banned from LH?

  18. ahhh thanks toasty! at the rate i've been inflating i was afraid to burst! hopefully a lot of it is water retention and i will eventually piss it out. (charming) my appetite did go way up the first week or so that i quit, i'm just getting back down to a normal food intake. i think i'll still have a cig when i'm out drinking and such since i really love them. are you still s

  19. i'm so sorry sending you e-hugs. my cousins mom killed herself when they were 5 and 7, it was the worst thing that ever happenned to their family. i'm glad you were able to call the ambulance on time and i hope your mom gets the help she needs. feel free to pm me if you need to talk or anything.
  20. ayoooo! :)

    i've been here for years though... i just changed my av recently, lol

  21. RC, i totally agree with your answers to the "lounge interviews" i remember when your acne was bad and you really came through it like a champ. i can be somewhat critical of certain religious views you have, but you do have a lot of spiritual force in your character and it comes through on camera! if you end up stranded in ny one day you can crash at my place too!
  22. tete de proprolis, pourqoui tout les garcons de l'org veulent te toucher "there"?

  23. scoobydoobydoo


    wow, you are really pretty. love the haircolor!