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  1. I've been doing a bit of research, and I think I have a little bit of acne dysmorphia. It would make a lot of sense. Anytime I do anything the first thing I think about is acne, will I need sunblock(that gives me acne)? Will I sweat(acne)? Will what I'm about to eat have lots of sugar, or any milk(acne central)? Will what I'm about to wear touch my acne and cause more(big problem here because i have to wear glasses)? You get the point... i think about my skin constantly. It's always on my mind.
  2. Light and easy on skin

    So great for very sensitive skin. I use this on occassion when I run out of my aveeno clear complection clenser, and I quite like it. I do, however, not like this one as much as other cleaners. After I use this, I do not feel like my skin is "clean" (if that makes any sense). Perfect if you want something very gentle.
  3. Strangelady



    I have used this since starting the regimen and this has treated me so well, I can not recommend enough

    This has legit changed my life. Best product in the entire world. Cleared my skin in weeks, and one year later continues to keep it clear. One of the best things to happen to me!
  5. Strangelady

    So good!

    So good!

    Works amazing, and for a great price. And, won't break you out. Can't get any better than that.
  6. Nope, Nope, Nope

    Nope!!! This stuff is not for me. Didnt do a thing. I would not reccomend this at all. If you are struggling with acne, get yourself a facewash with benzoyl peroxide.
  7. Works Well!!!!!

    This stuff works well! I used to use this stuff when I was a wee ol bean, before my acne got horrible, and it would shrink the pimple overnight. I used it as a spot treamtment, and it didnt dry my face out, which was great as well. If you are looking ito this stuff, I would reccomend getting the walmart vesion. Works just as well and it 2 bucks. You cant beat it!!
  8. Strangelady

    Not for me.

    Not for me.

    Black soap is deffinetly not for me. After tons of research on acne.org, I finnally purchused the soap. After three days of using this soap I had four new cysts, and I was breaking out on my forehead(where I never get acne). At first, I thought this was just my skin purging, but with more research with this product, I know that this is not possible. The only thing that can make you purge is products with actives in it, which this product dosent have becuase it is all natrual. If this product
  9. When I started the regamin, I really tried to wear makeup, but my skin was just not having it. My foundation would sorta ball up, and stick to all of the dry patches. So, I would personally reccomend not wearing it, but if you want to(which I 100% understand) I would say to wear powder and thats it. That might sound stupid, but I think that it looks better becase it dosent stick to dry patches and make it as noticable. For powder I would reccomend the little e.l.f compacts. They are about
  10. Hello. About 7 months ago I started the Regamin, and in 3 months I was compleatly cleared from my severish cystic acne. Then, in about June, the regamin slowely stoped working. I have been consistantly getting cysts. It goes like this: I will have two cysts. Then, they dry up, and go away(leaving pigmentation), and then the next day I have a new one. And, the cycle continues like that. My skin is by no means bad, it is mild and I am really fortunite that it hasnt gone back to the way it
  11. I have no idea why I am getting acne still. Maybe someone on this site can tell me, or at least i hope. First i man going to start off Some background about my skin: I have had acne for about 5 years now, but only within the last year, has it turned cystic. Then, in February 2016, I started the regamin. I worked so well for my skin, and by April 2016 I had 100% clear, really beautiful skin, with really minimal hyperpigmentation(something that I really prone to). Then, in June, the reg