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    I love being outdoors! My major is Landscape Design and I love it : ) I go to school at Kansas State University and I work at a bar (which could quite honestly be the best college job ever) I really like people, I'm very outgoing and very friendly. I love travel, I think it's so important to see the world! I'm really into being a possitive person and looking at the brightside of things. I have struggled with acne and still am. Accutane has improved my acne so much I still have a few more months! Can't Wait! If you ever wanna chat or need someone to talk to about your acne journey, just send over a message! : )
  1. Hi,,

    Did you get rid of your scars ?

    I have simliar circular ones , and agree when u strech they dissapear, but it would be good to be permanent , sigh...

    hope u r still clear


  2. Hi everyone! I've been getting spay tans done about once a week for about a month now. I've read that a lot of people are not happy with it bc of how fast it fades. My lady told me to go 3 times in one week to build a base tan which it did and then after that go once a week. I go one Thurday every week and I'm really tan for the weekend and the beginning of the week. However it comes off my face super fast bc I wash it a lot more than the rest of my body. I love it and I feel so healthy doing it
  3. On the subject of eyebrows, a trick that I use is I spray some hairspray on my finger and smooth over my eyebrows. My eyebrows tend to slant down and when I put them where I want them and then the hairspray holds them in place. The only negative thing is they're stiff. But who touches your eyebrows anyways! .......try it!
  4. I agree that the face lift is drastic, but what if you got it just on the side of your face (cheeks) or does that not work? I have looked all over these message boards and it almost makes me feel worse when I read them. There a handful of people who get results, but most everyone else just seems to think its over. I just want something to work and it seems one thing one person recommends then another person says you shouldn't do it. So this is my situation. I have scaring on my cheeks. One s
  5. Hey! I know what you mean about doctors all saying something different. EEEEERRRRR! Its so frusterating. So let me see if I got you right, you said that you dermabrasion done and you were going to get a CO2 but decided against it bc it could possibly cause discoloration? If I got derm. and a face life would that give me a change of getting dicoloration? I think the best solution for my acne scarring is the face lift what I decide to do along with it I have no idea. How did your dermabrasion turn
  6. Hi doodlebug! Well my dermantologist recomended it for my scars. But I've heard from others and now you to to be careful when using dermabrasion. I have pretty pale skin I think, I mean I tan good and can look dark but my normal color is pale. So I guess I don't understand this. If I do get dermabrastion does this mean I can't tan because I will look discolored? Or how does the discoloration start or show up. Whats your opinion about a face lift on the cheeks to improve scars? I just can't belie
  7. Hey! Thanks for the reply! The only thing that I don't get it why would a face lift be harmful. I coud see the implants being harmful but if your just getting a face lift what could go wrong. We'll I'm sure meny things can go wrong but nothing that any other person out there wouldn't face. I just can't believe the difference in my apperance when I pull the skin back. Plus if I got a face lift and then got dermabrasion (which I am forsure getting) I think my scars will look almost gone! I donno s
  8. Hello everyone! I was doing some research about scar treatments and I found something that said to help improve soft scars, stretching of the skin can help improve them. now does stretching mean kinda like getting a face lift. I have scarring on my cheeks, and when I pull tight the skin my scars almost seem to be invisible. I wasn't sure if this was a practice of scar treatment. I wouldn't see why it wouldn't be, it seems to really help the look of my scars. I was just wondering if anyone had in
  9. I know what your feeling about self confidence. I hate the way my skin looks. But I saw that you talked about your problem maybe being hormonal. Well my sister was also had acne and hers was found to hormonal. So her derm. put her on medicine that changed her hormonal levels and her skin looks a lot better. The only side effect from her med. is she has to go to the bathroom a lot. I think its worth it. If after my accutane course is over and I don't have clear skin I will forsure be looking into
  10. Hey Guys! I used a scrub on my face about 2 or 3 times last week. It's an exfoliator for your face. When I first started using is worked great but then this week I broke out with about 4 zits all over my face. I don't understand why and was wondering for advice about why this happened. The only thing I can think of was I scrubs pretty hard and it might have actually cut my skin. (Cuts you can't see) Then letting bacteria in???? I donno but I am about to end my 5th month on accutane and I'm still
  11. I'm in my last month of Accutane and my marks are still fading. I agree though when I'm hot or I just wash my face my red marks are a lot worse. But they have come a long way. My face seems to get better and better every day. The only thing that sucks is it is gonna take about an entire year for them to be all gone! But its worth waiting for!
  12. hey love thanks so much for ur comment and advice! i agree with u on makeup emphasizing the scars, but hey theres nothing i can do about it , for now i have to many red spots, btw do u think bareminerals is better than liquid fndation?, i hav'nt tried bare minerals yet