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  1. micro needling would help more than peel I my opinion. I'm going to do micro needling too
  2. @labellavita1985 Haha yeh, deffs meant to say subjective lol @ChildhoodDreams I understand your perspective and its a valid one that's true for some skins more than it is for others. But yeh, biologically speaking, our skin should and does repair on its own anyways - but I guess medicines help fasten the process for some peoples skin whilst on others it can have an adverse effect. Like I said, its subjective - but I do understand, appreciate and respect your point.
  3. @ChildhoodDreams Skincare is objective. For you, the "cavemen" regimen seems to do the trick. Other people might find that they need active ingredients in their regimen in order to achieve their desired skin - its personal, and subjective to ones skin goals and concerns. My skin care Routine: AM: - Cleanse with acne.org cleanser - Apply Rosehip oil (a new addition to the regime) - Suncreen (if going out) - Aloe vera (if skin is looking inflamed and red) PM: - Cleanse wi
  4. Hey there, That's Post Inflammatory Erythema - it fades with time. To fasten the process you can use Tretinoin (pea sized) - need a prescription to get this. But, even with Tretinoin - its a process - doesn't disappear over night and can take up to or more than 6 months. But hang in there, because they're not permanent and eventually WILL fade. Just a matter of time. Cheers,
  5. Hey Girl, Trust me - I can relate when you say you don't feel like you're "living your best life". Acne really can control your life too much - prohibit us from doing the things we love because we are too self-conscious about the state of our skin. Anyways, are you on any medications right now? Have you gone to the dermatologist? What is your current skincare routine? Need to know before I make suggestions. Regards, Sab
  6. Hi Lovely Amber, Have you been to the dermatologist? I think If you did go to the dermatologist they would recommend 0.025% Tretinoin cream (apply small pea-sized amount once a week, then two times a week then three times a week etc until your skin builds tolerance to it and eventually apply it nightly & ensure you wear sunscreen in the morning). Also, because your complexion is darker, you have Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation - so Hydroquinone in conjunction with Tretinoin will wor
  7. Hi Worriedperson, Brown marks are called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) Red/Pink/Purplish marks are referred to as Post Inflammatory Erythema (PIE) From your image it seems you suffer from PIE. As for the mark near your nose, it appears you been an actual scar that might also cause the skin to become discoloured. PIE can be treated with vitamin A (Retinols or Tretinoin). PIH on the other hand can be treated with hydroquonine. As for your nose scar, you might want to go to a
  8. Hi Zelenina, I'm so sorry to hear about the skin struggle you've been going through. I've had bad acne since end of 2016 and I have barely been coping, so I cant imagine how you've been living for the last past 10 years - considering acne and skin troubles usually take a toll on our emotional and mental health. Its definitely hard dealing with skin issues - especially as you mentioned, society expects everyone to have perfect skin and treat those with skin conditions differently - despite