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  1. I took better photos of my acne today. I think yesterday's photos don't do justice... It is terrible. I am very depressed about my skin. It's hard to think about anything else. My thoughts are 95% about my skin... All day... All night... Everyday. Why does everyone in Los Angles have the clearest skin in the world???
  2. Hi! A little bit about myself- I am 26 years old and have acne since I was 13. I have struggled all my life trying to get clear skin and hitting my mid 20s really has made me frustrated that I have not found a solution yet. I went on birth control when I was 16 and just recently went off of it in September (2 months ago). I have tried many different birth control pills with no success in treating my acne. Actually, I think it caused me all sorts of health problems being on the pill. But I'm no