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  1. I'm a 28 year old male in the PIttsburgh area. I've done a few courses of Accutane, with the last one being a long-term, very low dose. I stopped Accutane and was initially clear, but my acne has returned. My current dermatologist claims that it is now difficult to prescribe Accutane and that he cannot prescribe Accutane to me again. I'm at a loss, because this is literally the only thing that has kept me clear. I don't have severe acne, but I have oily skin and mild/moderate acne that responds
  2. I saw my doctor this past week and he could tell based on how my skin's hyperpigmentation that I was experiencing bad breakouts all over. I'm going back on low-dose accutane again for a few months. I'm hoping that my acne will be gone in a year or so based off of how its been lessening the past few years. Like I said, my worst breakout ever was on Differin.
  3. Going to see the dermatologist next week..still breaking out, but not nearly as bad. My forehead still has the worst of it and a few whiteheads on my nose. My skin has stopped breaking out in some of my less problematic areas (jawline, chin) so I'm hoping that this bad skin is on its way out...
  4. I know it works for many people, but I don't seem to be one of them. It didn't even look like an initial breakout, it looked more like a bad reaction. I've never had that many cysts at once before, or clusters of red spots and patches. I'm hoping the short time I was on it doesn't ruin my skin for the next few months because I'm going to be job-hunting and I could really use the confidence boost. Has anyone else here had bad results with differin?
  5. So because I used Differin for two/three weeks my skin is going to be affected for months?
  6. About a month ago, I started using Differin gel. I was on accutane low dose, but due to the cost I wanted to try something else. What a mistake. I started using Differin on July 19th. Less than two weeks later, I had the worst breakout I have ever had in my entire life. I've had moderate, treatment-resistant acne since I was 17/18. I am now just 24 and since starting Differin my skin has never looked worse. I got cysts where I never got them before, red blotches, and overall bad skin. I stopp
  7. I think my hair might be thinning slightly also. I am roughly 5 months post-accutane. It's not too much though. I think my hair loss might be stress-related however, considering how I was on low dose and had no other side effects. I went through a lot a few months ago and I may have had a nervous breakdown (Just for the record, I don't blame the accutane for this; my life totally fell apart and I was alone and stuck at a college I hated that was 4 hours away from home.) My hair just seems slight
  8. Well, I've taken it into Hong Kong, Macau, and Vietnam.
  9. Retin-A was the worst for me...I had to go off of it because it made my skin go crazy..I had dry blotches and greasy spots simultaneously and my acne came back. I think differin is much better.
  10. Well, I'm about 190-195 lbs., 6 ft. So 15-20 mg a day is pretty low. I went off it recently and my skin went right back to being oily and I'm getting acne again. It's not very much acne, but I hate knowing I had perfect skin and now it's greasy feeling. I'm seriously considering going back on low dose, maybe even 5 mg a day. I have some eye floaters that suddenly appeared a few weeks ago though (appeared post-treatment). I'm going to an opthalmalogist soon and if he says the floaters were caused
  11. Any way you could copy the text for that report? It won't let me access the article.
  12. Yeah, it came back and it's not nearly as bad. My skin is oily but I'm not getting huge nodular acne like I did before. Then again, I've only been off it for 3 months so it could come back full force later on.
  13. Static cling is not a side effect. Get serious.
  14. Huh. No kidding. My gums healed pretty great, especially considering my bleeding disorder.
  15. So how long has everyone been on Accutane? I was on one course for about 5 months, then my second course was long-term and low dose (20 mg a day, then around 10 mg a day). I was on that for about 14 months or so.