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  1. erm, if ya read it guess you'd figure it out.....(and zonk's link above) where do i begin! Incase someone is deciding to do fraxel 2 but maybe (?) fraxel 3 would be better for them...obviously it's good to know all the options out there or at least a few......also as a topic of discussion for anyone who finds it interesting to be educated about these things.....
  2. Could be wrong but sounds like there is a third fraxel upgrade out........anyone heard anything on this? Grapevine, Texas – April 12, 2007 –Reliant Technologies, Inc., the market leader of fractional resurfacing, today announced it will present first phase results from a 230-patient multi-site clinical study of the new Fractional Deep Dermal Ablation (FDDA) treatment at the 27th American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) Annual Conference in Grapevine, Texas. The FDA-approve
  3. the bruising will go, the marks will go and when it heals your family will be impressed with the improvement. i think its great you've gone ahead despite lack of support but when it's fixed they'll be suprised and realise you were right. best of luck
  4. definately seek a professional advice hey....maybe if they are still red then they are still healing and there is something that can be done to make them not so dramatic/noticeable one the redness fades.....but get along to a qualified dermatologist now hey... good luck
  5. it appears, rebates will exist but only if you are an australian citizen and hold a medicare card and a referral from a doctor saying the procedure is needed.
  6. i would say yerse....... if they don't know their stuff and different skin types then they could turn the treatment up too high and maybe burn you......or they could not give it enough strength and you'll have no result. so .... yerse....
  7. I'm not exactly sure that anything is "promising" for curing acne scars........but fraxel does give some improvement.....
  8. I was told Retin A helps encourage collegen production.....?!? hmm, will check with my doc again next time i go.... I just finished my third fraxel and it's been a week.......I can say now I can clearly see good changes starting to occur....yay.... I've got one more to go on 18 May and will see results after that.....then depending i may get another two....will see.
  9. I think you just have to get a few qualified opinions on yuor skin type....then research the recommendations by the doctors then choose what you feel most comfortable with.....maybe start with small procedures and work your way up...?..... I guess you have to weigh up what you think is right..
  10. best to not have anything done till you've read up quite a bit on your choices. you've found a good website to begin reading up....... always make sure you know about possible side effects of a treatment... good luck.
  11. "So then, the question is, how do we figur out if a girl is really into me." (quote) the key is patience. Dont' rush or push girls too soon or you may make them feel uncomfortable and run away just when they thought they were starting to trust you.......when she starts to like and TRUST you you'll know about it and building slow blocks of trust can be frustrating (waiting) but it is worth it.....cause you'll have someone who looks past any bad stuff, someone who will stay with you and be loya