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  1. is it ok to us a moisterizor with SA in it? if not , why not? ps. i mean after applying BP
  2. if you get outbreaks after you shave you should try shaving following the grain, it is alot less irritating and doesn't cut hte hair 'under' the skin. wont last as long, but it does give you that sexy 5pm stubble look also when shaving neck, shave upwards for the bottom part.
  3. i was just interested because there are lots of good reviews about it here. http://www.acne.org/rate_item.php?item_id=207
  4. have you tried green tea? did it work for you (improve your acne?) i mean drinking it, but if you do anything else with it feel free to say!
  5. Your skin looks pretty good. How was your condition before the CSR? think i've been doing it for about 2 and half years? maybe more? my face is not a good tone, its slightly red and blotchy. maybe i should change bp and moisterisor. opps didn't mean to quote.... dont use these forums much now ;)
  6. any reccomendation for a ph balanced soap? i live in england, so if anyone knows of a good one which boots sell that'd be great and also, do you think it really makes any diffrence using a ph balanced soap? thanks
  7. don't wash it off. I use panoxly (2.5% aqua gel) ... doesn't contain alcohol and use "Nivea visage - oil free moisturising fluid" works well for me. also try applying less, a finger for the whole face should be enough.
  8. tbh i can't remember if it was 3 months or 10 weeks, 3 months was a bit of a guess anyways! i know not everyone here is convinced about the diet/acne issue but my personal experiance is that when i stay away from high (refined?) suger content food (chocolate bars, coke etc) my skins much better. Even if this isn't the case you should avoid them anyway due to genreal diet and health issues! may also want to experiment with avoiding milk and food with high saturated fat content (crisps, chips)
  9. found this site about two years ago, haven’t posted here in ages mainly because I thought my username had been deleted in the forum upgrade (prob about a year ago now) anyway thought i'd just give a little voice of experience to anyone who's just found this... first off a little background, had acne since the age of 13 (now 20) at 15 i went to the docs and was put on anti-biotics, this continued for 3 years and each year a different type of anti-biotic. Came to the end of all the possibl
  10. listen, if it was a common side effect then they wouldn't use the drug as it would defeat the purpose of an acne treatment. and the drug would be considered to unsafe to use. but instead mino is considered the best anti-biotic for acne. be sensible. think reasonably. just out of interest have you ever taken presciption drugs before? they all have these so called side effects. you just have to stop being such a fucking hypochondriac
  11. yup i suffered that too. like what the other guy said, what you have to do is apply a really small ammount for the first few weeks, and moisterize alot. maybe even only apply it once a day? but please don't be put off by this, its your own fault for using too much.
  12. you have to understand that when they list all these possible side effects, its VERY VERY rare to see them in people. they just have to write them there to cover themselfs legaly. and chacnes are that most of those side effects would be caused if you had some other illl health. i've taken both tetra and mino before, and had NO side effects from either, and i went out drinking/smoking/clubbing regualy. just take the medication and be thankfull that you can get hold of it and that its avalible
  13. think im right in saying that electrics cut better on dry hair/skin. thats the way i've always done it.
  14. i was on zineryt for a while, don;t think it really did much, and made my face very greasy :S the topical solution isn't really an antibiotic, even thoujgh it does contain an ammount of Erythromycin which i've also taken orally as a tablet, (this was after useing hte zineryt) in my opinon bp is by far better than zinerty.
  15. the only topical i've ever found that has really helped me is bp *shurgs* and tetra takes at least 3 months to start seeing effects.