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  1. hi, first of all my name is wing and i come from hong kong, im 20 years old. i would like to share with people how i feel about myself. i am a total loser, i dont like to take pictures and its not because im shy. its because i spoil the picture. totally. note: i don't blame my parents for the belowmentioned i'm ugly. and there are people who have confirmed with me on this, so this is true. to top it all, i have more severe cases of acne then my peers. much much more serious. when i was 14
  2. yes i agree. i am suffering from the same problem.
  3. hey guys real thanks for the advice.. wear makeup? but i'm a guy! but i do admit wearing some foundation a few yrs back when i was ignorant, it didn't work very well, so i don't think i'm going back to makup..but i really appreciate the advice given.. i've been taking accutane without any other supplements, only 1 redoxon vitamin C tablet everyday. i exercise quite regularly too.. i see u guys r taking vit. E, how r they taken? pills? or apply-on? does it complicate with accutane? and what r
  4. hi, thanks for your reply! i've very low self-esteem to begin with, and i strongly believe its due to my acne..i've been having it for 7 years already... i've endured 7 years of laughing, commenting, jeering, name-poking, of my face. some were good-natured, some were downright out to put me down. being ignorant, i tried many ways to get rid of them, but nothing worked, in fact it got worst...but now im on accutane and at least its not serious.. only now the red scars still remains and its ve
  5. ok i've been on accutane for like, almost 5 months already, since feb09, and i was on it the previous year for 3 months and the doctor told me im reaching my maximum dosage soon, so after i've reached the limit, i can't take this accutane anymore. accutane is good. my skin was no longer oily when i took accutane. my cysts now has more or less gone, except for 2 or 3 small bumps here n there. but i still look like crap, because of all the red scars! its basically the area both sides of my face
  6. First time i'm keeping a log! Small history: Have acne since: 1997, when i was 14 Have tried: doxycycline, tetracycline, doxysomething(forgot), accutane Have most recently took: Accutane from May-Aug2003 Stopped because of: National Service Currently on: Nimegen, same as Accutane, just that its a different brand Dosage: 10MG for first 7 days, den 20MG subsequently Been on it since: 23/Feb/2004 Today will be the 6th day i'm on my nimegen run..one nightly for the first 7 days, then on
  7. but what if those people are those you can't afford to get messy with, e.g. your relatives, your superiors, not that they INSULT u, but saying "oh dear, have you seen a doctor for your face?" or a simple "why is your face like that?" is enough to put me down for the rest of maybe 3 weeks... anyway for those jerks, what i do is i pinpoint their faults, i'm amazingly good at picking out faults from a person in no less then 5 seconds! once some ass insulted my friend on irc (who also has skin pr
  8. don't know whether anybody out there has the same problem as me... 20 this yr, had this problem 6 yrs ago when i was 14...somehow cannot cure, keeps coming back, its not your normal occasional pimples, its those red, blotchy kind, whole-face kind, those really sucky ones, my complexion has never been good since then... ever since a few yrs ago when i reached the growing-up-and-feeling-very-self-conscious stage, i've become very low-esteemed because of how i look, already not veri handsom