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  1. You might try triluma...triluma.com. It's mainly for brown pigmentation problems, but it has a retinoid in it which helps with pigmentation usually. Plus, retinoids are sometimes good for helping speeding up red mark fading. But not always so, some people retinoids make redness worse and can't be tolerated. Or retin-a might help too.
  2. Did they ever do a two hour insulin test with you? It's where they draw blood then give you a "sugar" drink and then you come back a couple of hours later and retest again. My fasting insulin was "within" range, but my level 2 hours later is what was elevated. Anyways...If I think of anything else, I'll send you a message.
  3. I never have had any luck with dermatologists....Even the "basic" endocrinologists I've been to seemed pretty ignorant about PCOS. I would definitely recommend seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist. They tend to be fertility specialists, but PCOS is their speciality as well. I had one reproductive endo who had me on just one pill of metformin, but got another opinion from another reproductive endo and said my insulin levels were sky high to her even though they were within range from the lab
  4. Why thanks...I found it on the internet on some random site months ago.

    1. cute avatar pic thingy!

      1. Spironolactone along with Metformin for my PCOS cleared up my cystic acne. I still have blackheads though. Has your doctor ever combined your Spironolatone with Metformin? I hate it that it didn't help you. I too take 100 mg. a day. I don't know if its the spironolactone or the metformin that helped me, or the combination of the 2 together. I'm assuming the 2 together. Anyways, the metformin (if you insulin levels are out of whack due to pcos) might be something to look into to add to the
      2. Hi---I keep coming across people from Indiana on here tonight..... I too am from Indiana. I have had Intense Pulsed Light treatments. My fifth one yesterday. It's made no difference at all in my redness or pigmentation problems. I believe pulsed light is a bit different than IPL. I've spent $1000 on IPL's and it hasn't helped. I wouldn't suggest going to any of the day spas around Indy. I would get it done in a "doctor's office" setting. I've got a couple of suggestions of doctors in
      3. Hi, I just started posting on here today.... www.acne.org/messageboard/Girls-acne-t219406.html&p=2474727#entry2474727 (I figured I'd send the link rather than retype the info.) I too have PCOS and I live just outside Indianapolis...noticed it says you are from there. Has your doctor tried you on Metformin for your PCOS? Metformin (for the high insulin levels sometimes associated with PCOS) along with Spironolactone "cured" my cystic acne. Are you seeing a regular doctor or a reproducti
      4. I posted this same post in the introductions section. I just thought I would post it here as well. I am 28 and for several years suffered (and I mean suffered) with horrible cystic acne. I was told it was adult acne and no doctor took it seriously and tried different antibiotics,topicals, microdermabrasion, green light therapy, chemical peels. You name it, I've tried it....except for accutane...that's pretty much it! I finally persisted and found out I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. (It can