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  1. Hi I haven't been here for long time just saw ur message. What more info you want to see? I have been doing bella fillers for the past few months and I was soooooo impressed by it. I will make a post later to share my results. but short answer is, Bella fill is a great invention for acne scar, everyone should try it (given no allergy to bovine collagen)!
  2. 知乎上的原回答: https://www.zhihu.com/question/27496100/answer/1731072286
  3. The former one: I make a dressing from bovine collagen powder and EGF serum to put under a see-through plaster. Actually I mainly use the Fibracol Plus Wound Dressing + EGF/coloplast + tegaderm dressing. As I found the Fibracol Plus Wound Dressing is a bit more effective than the powder.
  4. Sibel, yes you got a very good point, "all these collagen dressings are for the wounds not the scars without trauma". So that's why I used them after microneedling or laser. It's useless if you use it directly onto the scar without damaging it. Also, a key point to keep in mind is ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE COLLAGEN STAYS MOIST! I had failure one time that the dressing was leaked and the scar was aired-dry. It will definitely destroy the effectiveness of the collagen, as wound needs moist environment
  5. Thank you for your reply! I'm glad you found it helpful to you! Yes the collagen powder/dressing is not common things and I have not seen anyone used it in acne scar treatment. I got this idea by reading a lot of journal papers about scarring and wound healing and then I started my experiment. It turned out to be working great so I would want more ppl to know about it, which can save their $$$ and time. It does not bother me if ppl react negatively to this post, cause my goal is to share m
  6. Hi Jessica, sure. Yes the lighting is indeed quite important to show before and after. I apologize for not be able to post them exactly under the same lighting. But I can share the improvement in terms of depth of scars, I'd say for shallow scars, they were almost gone, only redness remain which make them look like pits. For deep ones, they have improved about 60%. Cause I have done 10 times of lasers across 3 years, each time I saw tiny bit of improvement- 5% maybe? But after about 2 years of l
  7. You scar does not look bad at all, to me they are all VERY SHALLOW! And since they are all new, you should treat them ASAP! I'm female and I had similar experience of yours. Before 25, I never got indentation from acne, and I always picked my acne. But after 25, I had one time break out and it left me indentations for the first time, I was totally horrified... The indentation is mainly caused by inflammation, and your body did not generate enough collagen to repair the wound, which left a pit th
  8. In my experience, 4-5 months are considered early scars, and they are at higher chance to be reversed completely! Please see my post here which talks about my experience in treating early scars. Based on my observation, you can do laser like CO2 or similar, then in btw the two, do microdeedling combined with applying collagen dressing/powder. Probably with 3 sessions of lasers and multiple microdeedling, you will become much better! All the best!
  9. Being patient can help you achieve a lot more accomplishments. BTW, I have update my before and after photos. I have updated the before and after photos. THX for suggesting.
  10. Note the original article I wrote it in Chinese and it was very long so I used google translator to translate it. Some of the wordings may not sound very authentic but I think overall the core message is delivered. I will introduce you my acne treatment insights and how to avoid acne scar, which are all tested on my self in real life. Note I’m only talking about atrophic type of scars here. I have been treating acne for more than 3 years. I have had acne since junior high school, and I’m 30
  11. I found this doctor answer is applicable to your question. https://www.doctorxdentist.com/questions/will-the-results-after-subcision-and-fillers-be-permanent-if-fillers-disappear-over-time