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  1. well, i just bought them, for a good price. i know someone else who wants them. after reading all this shit i think ill sell them to him and just try it naturally.
  2. music since I can't play basketball right now because of my back problems. I download so much music right now its ridiculous. no i dont buy
  3. Publix called and told me they had 20 pills they did not give me. I will go, take those, and then go back and talk my derm into giving me another prescription. If they don't, i'll just go to another dermatolgy until I get what I want. And I know it was not smart, but I have a difficult time biting my toungue. Like father like son. My dad had one and fixed his (for the most part), my brother has one. It runs in the male gene through-out the family I think. People that I know, when I tell t
  4. For real. This Bactrim, along with the last parts of the Accutane I took, just seem to kick in at the wrong times. I was at a party, yes, drinking. And out of no where I got so mad I went outside and started punching the shit out of the apartment walls. Cops showed up 15 minutes later. Nothing happened. Im sitting in Steak and Shake and this shit just takes over me, I get blurry for a second, body temp raises X 2 and I just get hate in my blood and murder in my eyes. What....the....fuck..
  5. The derms asked me what the side effects were in my first month and I told them I had a lot of hate in my blood and that, despite me not liking many people as is, I wanted to kill people now. They took me off of it and now have me on one Bactrim DS a day. Sucks, I warned these mother fuckers I would be a failed experiment because of my temper. People need to fucking listen to me. Fuck faces.
  6. You no you can say no right? It is alright. ANd you can request different medicine. If they decline, tell them to fuck off and find a new derm.
  7. I need my wisdom teeth pulled. is it fine to take the powerful pain killers while on accutane and bactrim?
  8. Just started, im about to go on my 2nd months worth this week. 40 MGs a day 2 times a day is what i was prescribed but I lost 10 pills like a fuck up so I take 1 in the morning and 2 bactrim through out the day. personally, when i am done, I am running right to Tetracyline and staying on that for a while. Actually, I hear something called SuperTest 120 not only makes you gain weight but clears your face up. I dont see myself going on Accutane a 2nd time. Ive heard nothing but bad from peopl
  9. no hair loss but Accutane makes me hate everyone that I have not known beforehand. All the time I think about getting to know people and talking to them but when im around them I just give off a "fuck off" attitude and the person usually seems to sense it. plus it is killing my fucking back so bad I have to have a MRI in a month.
  10. im not on the positive side. i feel like fighting every day. i test people, people test me. my mom better be happy i have yet to buy that Glock. accutane makes me hate the world.
  11. I hear all this shit about people still breaking out even after Accutane. Tetra kept my breakouts to a very very low minumum but never reduced redness like it seems Accutane is starting to do. So, before I ask my derm, do you see any problems with taking Tetracyline maybe once a day like a month after I get off of Accutane in another 4 months? I don't trust cleansers and BP gel or anything any more.
  12. I dont like people that stare. Period. Period. Period. Say what you want, I had to pray after this one. But Thursday night I saw a girl staring so much when I was with my 3 friends after we went to a club....I said to my friends she needs to turn away and she heard me, asked me what I said and I told her if I catch her staring again "i'm going to choke the living shit out of you." They think i'm playing. I fucking hate people like this. Don't test my patience.