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  1. I am on week 5 and although it made a huge difference in the first two weeks, i am now getting new breakouts. I am assuming that i just have to be patient. I will give it 3 months and see where i am up to. It has also made a big difference to my red marks and scaring so its definitely worth it just for that.
  2. Unfortunately there is a correlation between Finacea and facial hair....its listed as one of the possible side effects..... trust my luck to end up with a rare side effect..... See below.... SIDE EFFECTS: Burning, stinging, tingling or itching skin may occur during the first few weeks, but then subside as your body adjusts to this medication. Excessive facial hair growth may rarely occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, notify your doctor or pharmacist promptly. This medication may
  3. I seem to have hair everywhere where you put the Finacea. Its very slight and blonde, so not very noticable to other people....but i can definitely see it. From reading other posts, i dont think this happens to everyone. Oceanmist?? Have you had any success yet?
  4. I have been on Finacea for about a month. Without a doubt...it works. My skin is looking much better. However, i have noticed that i have increased facial hair. Its not severe .... but i can see it. That would be ok if i was male! But i am female!!! Its not like i can go and shave! I am considering going on Spiro to help the situation and hopefully clear the last of my acne too. Has anybody else experienced facial hair with Finacea??
  5. Yes, apparently you dont need a prescription for Finacea in some parts of the world. Depends where you are. I live in the UK....my finacea is from Australia. Good luck with it.....keep us posted....
  6. Hi There After reading Adam's messages about Finacea, i decided to try it and now i want to tell the world how great it has been for me! I have had acne all my life and have tried everything from antibiotics, Intense Pulsed Light treatment, N Lite Laser treatment, Contraceptive pills, OTC products, glycolic acid peels, glycolic acid products etc..... Nothing has really worked except Dianette (BCP), which my doctor took me off as it causes liver problems if you stay on it for too long (apparen
  7. I have been on Finacea for a week and its already working! I am pleased. Just been at the gym and my friend commented on how my skin looks better! ) Still got dry patches and some red amrks but no new breakouts at all! Very impressed. I have pretty much abandoned the Retin A completely.
  8. I am on day three of Finacea and i now have extremely dry skin......its terribly flakey. I am hoping that this will subside eventually. However, i can see that the red marks are going and i have no new spots! Every cloud has a silver lining.
  9. All sounds good! I will keep on with it and let you know how i get on.
  10. Hi There After our other thread got closed, i am joining this one ) I am on day two of Finacea. So far my skin looks a little irritated by it! Bit red and dry. However, its nothing compared to retin A. Keep ya posted.
  11. Hi There My Finacea arrived from Australia today!! It came really quick! Took one week.....very impressed. It cost me the equivalent of $40 but i dont care if it works. I have spent so much money on crap stuff....that $40 is nothing! I dont think its illeagal to buy prescription drugs without a prescription on the internet?? But, as Adam said.....i doubt the FBI will be onto me anytime soon. ) I have applied the finacea for the first time today..... its itching slightly, but nothing major. I
  12. Well that is good news. Now my only problem is that i have to wait for it to come from Australia!! You dont happen to know of a good website that sells it and does international shipping??? Anyone??? One where you dont need a prescription???
  13. Hi Adam Having read your post, i have ordered a tube of Finacea. However, i couldnt get it in the UK so i had to order it from Australia....crazy huh? It could take a very long time to get here...although it meant that i didnt have to go back to my doctor for a prescription...which is cool. I have been using Retin A for 11 weeks and i am still having huge great big spots all the time......i am reluctant to say that it has done anything except give me lots of red marks that take ages to go away
  14. I actually started using jojoba oil before Retin A. The Retin A was way too harsh for my skin and was causing too much irritation. However, since adding the jojoba oil into the regimen, i have started to see great results. I think it buffers the effect of the retin A but thats fine with me. Better than having red, dry, flaky skin all the time.
  15. I know how you feel! I am also on week 3..... and wondering when it will start to improve.??? I guess we will have to wait another 3 weeks at least to see results......