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  1. I use RAM at night and Duac Gel in the day and moisturize. I want to use aloe vera in the day to reduce redness or something. Can u use that with retin a micro + duac. It woudl be on the same time as the duac gel???? alskdjf
  2. i never used to get red marks. I started using a lot of BP and so now i get a red mark after every single pimple. now im on retin a micro and BP and the combo seems to be helping but still, a;sldjfo;iajfalksdjfasdko;fhiosa;dfjlkxfa;dsjf;aos.
  3. i heard that light deactivates Retin A Micro, is that true. Because i usually put RAM on around 10pm but sit in my room in the light until like 12 when i go to bed. is that ok? i read it somewhere on this forum.
  4. im just starting retin a micro .04%, along with duac gel in the morning. Im a 16 year old boy so im probably going to be in the sun alot this summer. What is a really good sunscreen that will go along with these 2 things???? i hope being in the sun alot with a good sunscreenn wont hurt me too bad thank you it would also be nice if its a moisturizer/sunscreen, tahts what the derm said, but she didnt give me any ideas of what kind.
  5. will it be ok to use the .1% until i can get the .04% from the pharmacy. I dont want to mess anything up by using it, or get a bigger IB, if thats even possible. thanks
  6. im just saying there should be some kind of warning. I never got red marks before BP, my pimples would go away and leave nothing behind. If id of known BP would make red marks i could have done something different. Now i have a CHIN full of redmarks one being the size of my thumb nail. I look like a complete idiot. I was on DKR for about a month and ive been off it for almost 2 months.
  7. im thinking something like this WARNING: Rubbing massive amounts of BP on your face twice a day will give you discusting looking red marks that will ruin your confidence and ruin your life. FUCK.
  8. my chin looks just like yours except its more on the sides too. I have a huge red spot thats like a bunch of red marks put together it sucks. Im using AHA Souffle and it seems to be helping but very slowly. I might try a higher concentration soon.
  9. Can you use BP and an AHA at the same time? Would the AHA still work with the BP, since BP has been the cause for all my red marks. How would i do that, which would i put on first and whenn?