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  1. I went to multiple real doctors. None of their prescription stuff worked very well, and those that did anything at all, certainly didn't within 1-2 months. So here I am. Feel free to let me know what your friends' "real doctors" prescribed. I am sure I used it. I am sure it didn't work. I am also sure that Dan's regimen has helped me far more than anything else and there are many people who say the same. "Do not put any product on your face without a professional advice."? Does that go for ever
  2. Now, I´m out of here. I just came to give you a warning, it´s up to you if you want to spend your life with acne, or with permanent skin damages, because you were too lazy to go out and see a doctor. I´m clear, and I´m really happy about that, wish you were too. But you won´t solve your skin problems here... Bye
  3. So I guess you went to a certified Doctor and you don't have acne now? Did they tell you stop being a wanker? Actually in your case I think alot of people here would agree you should stop being a wanker! Unfortunately it will increase your chances of prostate cancer. http://www.newscientist.com/article.ns?id=dn3942
  4. .... there are plenty of sites that want to "help" people. Your problem is that you spend too much time in front of the computer. I have several friends that had severe acne, and after going to real doctors they became clear in a short period of time 1-2 months. You have some fucked up notion of what reallity is, you don´t trust in doctors, but you trust in some net guy without studies (in this area), that just got ride of acne at 30....it really makes sense. If you are keeping this atittude
  5. Mortally, the difference is that I am clear and you aren´t. But go ahead. Keep following this internet gurus...
  6. He shows completly ignorance, when he says that stress might aggravate acne and masturbation doesn´t. Both have similar effects on hormones. And of course you should make an exaustive research before pick a doctor, ask your family, friends etc... Do not put any product on your face without a professional advice.
  7. Sorry, you people go see a certified doctor....who is Dan Kern? I wouldn´t put such a delicated health problem as acne, in the hands of some internet guy. For what I have read this guy isn´t serious. And some of their myths he is so sure about, were not scientifically studied and you might be keeping the acne on your face because of "pseudo experts" like him,
  8. Science has already proved it....people just ignored it. I posted some studies in another topic. You always need to masturbate... the subject is more complex that people think. Masturbate 1 to 2 times a week and that should be fine. You can´t masturbate too much or too less... I guess.
  9. You guys don´t get it....the reason why children don´t get acne when they masturbate is the same for adults. The hormones aren´t that high. You might believe me or not, but I become completly clear after stop masturbating...no new products nothing, no change in diet. no change in sleep...just stopped masturbating for 2 weeks and my acne gone. As I expected.
  10. If it affects girls honestly I do not know.... Final post: The intent of this topic was to be helpful, and to make those who are "sure" that masturbation has not impact on acne to think twice. The problem with acne, is that everyone likes to talk about it even if they don´t know a thing.. I´m 100% clear right now, my acne has gone after 5 years. I´m out of this forum. I won´t post anymore. Good luck