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  1. hi i recently went to the doctors since my acne is looking yucky again and he gave me dianette .. iv also got some Eurthromycin as i havnet made my mind up if i want to go on the pill . the reason?? WEIGHT GAIN.. seriously does it cause.it. because i already have eating disorder issues and im gettin reallly anxious about this .. i want clear skin but i dont want weight gain.. i dont know what to do.. what are peoples experience with dianette? thanks.
  2. hey i havent been on here for a while. but im here and im feeeling ugly yet again its summer and i feel like my skin is going more oily and spotty and just nasty realy.. summer is supposed to be oh when everyone is happy and stuff.. but your the girl whos got sweat and oil on her face and spots and greasy skin. and it looks like you havnt washed your face in days. and I used to have clear skin as well.. ooh yesh.. feeling sorry for myself really lol and im also feeling quite pathetic as in
  3. ok so this has nothing to do with acne.. but hey what the heck i wanna post about my bad this guy 2 days ago i was really upset im still upset but not soo much.. but ill fill u on why? 2 weeks ago i acutally got talkin to this guy i had crushed on.. and it was really nice coz he was actually taking an interest in me. but i was overly flirtin with him only coz i wanted him soo much.. (im really shy person but for some reason coz im insecure and desperate for that person i just ovrly flirt and m
  4. understands what I've been through so thanks for posting up your thoughts and feelings. I think you're really brave.

  5. Hi =) This is weird because I don't know you but I just read a bit of your posts and I can relate to what you're saying. I've always been the least pretty girl of my group and stuff...but trust me when you ''pretty yourself up'' and let down your hair and become confident people will take notice =D I know this for a fact! & its so cool for me to find someone who

  6. LEO! may look really tough and hard from the exterior.. but inside im just this sensitive little lost soul... and when i get hurt i get hurt really bad.....
  7. hey guys thanks for your replies i keep myself busy at uni like do sports and do my work obviously so i dotn have time to think and dwell....its difficlt wen i dont have many friends so i get lonely and start thinking about stuff.. im not looking to jump into a serious relationship but i just wana have some fun but at the same time for it to mean something.. at the moment i know this guy who is one year younger than me .. and he is a PLAYER i think.. i mean ever since he first saw me he do
  8. hi everyone here is been quite a while since i was last on the org. i took a break from the interent coz its not healthy for the state of mind. im gona have a rant here if you dont mind. .. feeling very sad. i know it sounds really PATHETIC . but i really really wish i could find someone to be my boyfriend. someone to be there for you.. to love you. im 19 and never had a boyfriend before. all the guys i see at uni are major players. they flirt with me and stuff but im not gonna give in and beco
  9. thanks everyone for the replies.. yea i hear what youre saying.. like most people have pointed out its all about the attitude. lol i complain about how everyone has boyfriends/girlfriends and the reason i dont get asked out is coz im ugly.. i think im unapproachable and am much happy being my own person.. i have been told i am pretty by a few people i dont belive them.. like being my own worst critic.. like ratherbeskating pointed out by how he's focused on gettin his acne better and lookin g
  10. rediscovered prototype by oukast. .AWESOME SONG! radioheads Karma Police and Creep but sometimes its too depressive Ooh yea someone said the hush sound yea i like red wine by them.
  11. i totally agree with the whole exercise thing. though i could never do gyms .. i go joggin every morning even though i look completetly fuglified but it makes me feel better as you go get better everytime and can run longer without stoppin for breath.. but basically it feels good like going out lookin like shit and not caring basically (even though its im joggin in morning time when no one is around ) ... its great start to the day and you might feel a tiny bit better and then have the motiv
  12. awww dont worry that is defo not creepy. thanx for the *HUG* :) really means a lot..

  13. Hi Sweetie! I don't mean this in a creepy way, but.. I want to give you a ((((((BIG HUGGGG))))))

    There ya go!!

    consider yourself hugged :-) Smile! You are a Beautiful person :-) ~Kaori

  14. Acne = unpredictable disease Braces= a hope of certainty that in a certain period of time you will get them off and have slightly straighter teeth.