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  1. Has anyone used SHEER COVER? I saw it advertised on the TV and I feel like a pure sucker but I'm thinking of buying some. I have some Laura Mercier makeup that is for coverups, a duo compact for blending with a brush and some very cool tinted moisteriser that works absolute wonders, and it is fucking fantastic - but this SHEER COVER stuff looks great. Too good to be true? Has anyone used SHEER COVER? Please let me know if you've tried this product. I'd hate to waste more money on so
  2. OH! Something to note: I've noticed with my scars after microderm that if I leave them to look scabby and iccy for as long as possible to heal as they need to (without moisturising/exfoliating etc.) then they heal better. So - I know it looks gross, but leave the scabby scales on for as long as your skin needs them and let it slough it off itself. It seems to make the skin heal up smoother if you leave it alone - in the areas I exfoliated to put make up over them those areas have the same
  3. I appreciate that, but I'm sure there are a lot of people who come to this board and will appreciate the realisation that their favourite film star or rock star also suffers from the same problem they do. You see, to the film star and rock star it ISN'T a problem - and that's what empowers people to rise above their skin problem and see that it shouldn't hold them back. If posting pics of j-lo looking like she has bad skin makes me a bad person in your eyes then fine, so be it, but I don't
  4. It's a well known fact that if you have ANY active acne you should not get any sort of scar revision treatment done. Smoothbeam is such a treatment and really should not be undertaken by anyone that has had a breakout in the last 6 months. Your doc should have told you that and if he/she didn't then they are a quack (and there's plenty of them around) It sucks but it's true. Heal your skin first then seek help to get rid of the leftover damage that results. All the disturbance to the skin jus
  5. I've had microdermabrasion done on my shallow scars and it worked wonders - as for the deeper scars - it just made them look ragged and made them pink and healing took a long, long time for only a little gratification - in other wrods, it made them look a little bit softer on the edges but still just as deep... If you have shallow scarring then for sure, go this route, but if you have deep scarring then give it a miss, unless you go for full dermabrasion and i cannot vouche for the success of
  6. What do you mean? Sorry, I don't understand.
  7. Poppy I think everyone feels that way to a degree. That's all i've been trying to say. I'm not trying to be confrontational Maya - i just think you might need to look on other people's opinions and feelings on their scarring and what makes them feel better in a different light. That's all - different strokes for different folks n all.
  8. Do a google search - i bet you'll find one or two ... I'm sure a lot of bald fellas look up to this guy ... He's apparently one of the sexiest men alive - and he's bald! There ye go ...
  9. "delerium - sorry, but to find comfort and empowerment in other peoples supposed skin imperfections would not be a solution for me." It's not that I'm finding comfort in their imperfections - I'm finding solidarity in the fact that they can have the world find them attractive and fantastic no matter what their skin type ... "I don't wish scarring on anyone. I want there to be proper solutions so that people don't have scarring. I don't want others to have scarring to make me feel better."
  10. Maya I don't know how bad your scarring is, but to have a go at others for trying to feel better about themselves is a bit nasty IMO. I've not seen a picture of your face, nor have you of mine, I've not been inside your head for a day, nor have you in mine, so who are you or I to say what other people see or feel as a bad case of scarring? I think that's a little insensitive and casting some pretty wide assumptions on what people percieve to be their problems. To see pics of the so call
  11. Sperm is good for the skin and your insides because it is full of protein - why do you think gay guys have such fantastic complexions? LOL - I have a lot of gay friends so don't think that comment comes from anything remotely homophobic - I'm EXTREMELY pro-gay - and I have heard, and seen the magnificence of sperm first hand ... oops, that sounded bad # I'm female mind you, so yeah, take from that what you will ... I'm not exactly going out there slathering my face in sperm ... oh! It's gett
  12. Some pics of J-Lo with her scars on show - for those of us who need proof that the beautiful people have bad skin too sometimes ...
  13. The comments that Director made regarding Liz Hurley's spot scars are absolutely atrocious. It's people like that who confirm my worst innermost fears of what people with relatively clear and scar-free skin must be thinking of me when I test new make-up at the counter or stand in the wrong overhead lighting and allow them a good view of my scars. I am new to this board, and I have a few acne scars that really aren't that deep, but having caught chicken pox 4 years ago from my daughter,