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  1. How long should you wait to start another round of accutane? I'm 6 weeks off a full round. My acne seems to be starting again. After 20 plus years and perfect skin during my course i will not go back to the madness. I might look into a micro dose this time. 10mg 3 times a week to keep me clear.??
  2. Hey Fuzzball, How long do you think you will be on it?
  3. I was on it for 8 months. Got the full dose of mg/kg. I'm a firm believer in lower doses for a longer period. Side effects for me were nothing, and I didn't break out at all. I don't know. 20 plus years of acne has me thinking its just my lot.? I never took more than 60mg a day and i weigh 195. Ok 200. I believe I could be clear and stay clear on 20mg every other day though.
  4. Hello all. I just finished a course of tane around 4 weeks ago and already its back. I'm 38 years old/male and have had acne since I was 15. Should i try another course or just accept that fact that I will probably fight this until my last breath? While on the tane my skin looked great. No breakouts what so ever. Has anybody done a long-term low-dose course. Like 20mg 3 times a week or anything like that? Take a break for 4 -6weeks and then start again?? I'm just searching I guess for options?
  5. Yes there are several studies that show 0.5 mg/kg can result in long term remission. 1mg/kg is usually the standard for people that have more severe acne. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?c...t_uids=16546586
  6. Currently 7 weeks into my course and my trigylcerides have shot up a bit. I started at 150 i think and was on 20mg. Derm moved me up to 40mg and my levels from that month moved to 285. My diet was the best during that month because I kinda have a sweet tooth. This month have been moved up to 60mg but am concerned that my levels will go up ever further. I have reduced all junk food and sugar from my diet as I can. Eating more fruits,vegs and watching my total fat intake. My original thought was
  7. I'm not really concerned about the switch. It's all the same stuff anyway. I'm just wanted the same throughout. It's kinda like switching your beer after a few Buds to a Old Mill. Not cool but same outcome. Until morning or you get the Old Mill squirts.
  8. Just got back from the drugstore and had been on 40mg Sotret for the first 6 weeks. Now I just opened my prescription and discovered 30mg Claravis tabs. (I'm bumping up to 60mg per day). Don't think its a big deal but I haven't had any problems as far as IB from when I started. Doesn't Sortet make 30mg tabs?? Just kinda wanted to stay with Sotret for my whole course I guess.
  9. Maybe your just to dam HOT looking now
  10. I bought this stuff at Walgreens called Ayr saline Nasal Gel with Aloe Vera. Comes in a tube and all you do is put alittle on your finger up you go. Works great!
  11. Starting tomorrow. 22 yrs of acne give or take a few clear months maybe? I have really oily skin around my T-Zone and I always have 2-3 going 2-3 coming. Wish me luck guys and gals. I really thought I would be getting a prescription for Viagra instead of Accutane at 37. Hell after this ride I'll probably need a prescription for mental problems.
  12. What brand comes in a 30mg tab? I think only 1 generic company makes this dose maybe.??
  13. Hello all. I'm a 37 yr old male who has basically had acne for 22 yrs now. In my youth it was severe with deep painful cysts. Over the last 20 plus years its become just annoying with always a few every week and always paranoid when the next one will hit. My only problem is in the T-zone area. Rest of my face is clear. I have very oily skin only in that area also. I usually have 1-2 cysts a year and have those injected with a steriod solution. I just can't believe its been 20 yrs of dealing wit