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  1. Hey guys! First of all, I am a HUGE fan of Dan's AHA+!! It's such a great product! That said, I have a small problem regarding the available size of AHA+... the smallest size is 6oz which is actually a good amount that lasts a long time, but not everyone uses it every day. My problem in the past was that my 6oz AHA+ would last me for almost a whole year, but according to Acne.org Store FAQ section (http://www.danielkern.com/help_answer.asp?ID=17#46), my bottle of AHA has been reduced in quality
  2. yep the package and the tube definitely says MICRO and the ingredient list boasts about the glorious microsphere technology or some bulls***. But i just wanted to get some other opinions because the gel looked SUSPICIOUSLY SIMILAR to the cream I used about four months ago, and very unlike the 04% gel that I used right before getting bumped up... should I go bother my pharmacy about this? i'm just worried.
  3. My doc just bumped me up from .04% Retin-A micro to .1% today, and when I opened it, the texture of the content looked almost like a cream. It was vastly different form the .04% RAM which was semi-transparent and was lighter in color. The .1% was more opaque and had a thicker, creamier texture. Is this just the formulation of .1% RAM or is this a packaging mistake?
  4. I have read from a few sources that when Differin or Retin-A has cleared up the acne, it can be used less frequently or bumped down a dose to keep the skin clear. Are there any evidence, or maybe even anecdote to support this? In some sense, it makes sense, since topical tretinoin works by thinning the outer layer skin and preventing new pimples from even forming properly, so once the skin is adjusted and established to the point where there is no breakout, maybe lower dosage or less frequent d
  5. thanks for your success story! it's such a great motivation to stick to Retin-A when I hear such good stories!
  6. Week 8 whoops I forgot to update last week! I was too busy eating and stuff! anyways today marks EXACTLY 2 MONTHS from my Day 1 of REM 0.04%! unfortunately, not everything is EXACTLY perfect, as I still have some odd pimples on my cheeks... it just feels like im not progressing at all! i ordered Dan's AHA because my skin flakes about twice a week (whats the reason??) and I have lots of dark spots on my cheeks im also hoping AHA will be a great complimentary addition to hopefully clear me
  7. End of Week 6 okay well i've been getting odd pimples here and there once again... it's weird because i was pretty much clear throughout the week! i'm really getting tired of this indecisive skin of mine... i am really really tempted to just start adding BP and AHA and whatever to get this done with!! seriously though, is Retin-A Micro alone going to prevent future breakouts?? would a higher strength even be more effective??
  8. it takes about three months to see the full benefits of Retin-A. I believe you've waited much longer than that! What was your dosage? Was it a regular Retin-A or Retin-A Micro?
  9. End of Week 5 I think things are getting better! I am getting less and less frequent inflamed breakouts. At the beginning of the week I had tons of bumps underneath my skin (mostly cheek), but they started to surface and i know I'm not supposed to pick them, but I was able to kinda mine the solid thing out of the pore with ease! Still tons of redmarks. I'm gonna start AHA as soon as my skin is about 95% under control (so I would know whatever I'm adding is gonna make me break out or not. HOP
  10. First of all, I applaud you for sticking out for such long time despite it not working out for you. I'm at 2 month mark of Retin-A Micro .04% and I am considering getting my dosage bumped up perhaps you should go back to your doctor and discuss other options, because from what I heard you should be pretty much clear by three months. If not, the treatment is probably not working.
  11. end of Week 4!! things were looking up in the beginning of the week. my face was relatively clear, with two or three active zits that were pretty small but then the weekend came around, and five-seven new pimples came out of nowhere and ambushed me!! ERR!! anyways, it hasn't been three months YET, so I will persist until then. If i'm not clear by third month mark (week 12), I will revisit my doctor and discuss my options
  12. I love hearing motivational posts instead of sad and depressing ones!! I am wondering what your dosage is for Micro?
  13. I'm using Retin-A Micro gel, but it also has the same direction (pea-size application) I also thought it was ridiculous direction to follow... how can you cover the entire face with such little application!? here's the trick... take a small amount from the (a bit big) pea-size and dab a little dots on your cheek. After that, very gently spread it on the cheek, making a thin layer of application (which is very adequate amount of medicine) repeat the process with other cheek, chin, nose, etc...
  14. End of Week 3 So I feel like my skin is back to square one... I had three big pimples forming on my cheek today out of nowhere! Argh I wish they went away as fast as they came! I've been SUPER tempted to add BP or AHA just so I could try something else, but I'll never know if its Retin-A works or if its BP or AHA if my skin ends up clearing up. Only reason I'm really concerned about it is because I am a big believer in all-natural approach, which means only using minimal and absolutely necess
  15. You can't just make up random facts and have absolutely no proof. Tommy, you are absolutely correct. DIfferin and BP can both be great additions to your acne battling regimen. BP controls oil, destroys acne bacteria (no chance of bacterial resistance), and keeps your pores clean. Differin is one of the more mild retinoid-like topicals that keep your skin cells shedding properly. AHA really doesn't do much for acne on its own, and I would recommend using BP in the morning and differin at nig