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    Reading as a means of escape, procrastination, and living life. Same goes for television and movies. I also spend too much time on the internet. Riding my bike, walking, music and concerts, yoga, health, nutrition, animals, food :)

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  1. is that a final fantasy picture?

  2. I'm confused...in your other topics you were saying how it was a low fat diet that cleared you by way of increasing insulin sensitivity ie. Dr. Neal Barnard...and how your three friends were able to get off insulin as long as they stuck to the diet.
  3. same here. i'm asian but i have white skin, literally.

    I'm studying infectious diseases/immunolgy, applying to med school. Maybe i'll become a pimple doctor lol = =

    But it's cool to take off a year. That's what i should have done, too!

  4. Yeah, with my pale skin, red marks are the bane of my existance. Oh well, they will fade with time...Anyway, as for college, I am deferring from my college to take a gap year. I'm planning to do some traveling, work, etc and get out of the 'bubble' for a bit. How about you, what year are you (I think I asked you this before), what are you studying?

  5. I'm okay. I just have a bunch of red marks on my face. Too much staying in the sun has revealed them. This acne battle is lasting forever. Are you going to college soon?

  6. Hi, sorry it took so long for me to reply. I'm soo happy things are getting better for you...I think they are for me too. Once I am more certain I'll be sure to let you know :)

  7. Thank you for for the friend add :)

  8. Jeremy says thank you and that he thinks you are cute too.

    I've always wanted darker hair, it's like not blonde and not brown, I don't know what the hell it is. I'm glad I am not alone lol.

  9. oh plus ever since ive been doing this my hormones resolved to normal !

  10. hey. i am getting no new breakouts just old stuff that has been trapped in the skin for a while. i took two weeks of diflucan, now im on nystatin probably for 3 months because my tongue is still white..along with herbal antifungals & probiotics, fiber supp. ,and bentonite clay is helping to cure my symptoms. also i had to cut out all sugar from the fruit how are you?! :)

  11. Hey, how's everything going?

  12. You mentioned before that you are on the pill. After all of what you have tried and been through, it may be time to consider that maybe your problem is not food. I suspect that you maybe have a hormone imbalance from being on the pill (the pill, as antibiotics, are also well known to cause candida). All of this then relates to insulin resistance, blood sugar, etc. If you do have candida and a hormone imbalance, the BEST thing you can do is to 1. Balance hormones 2. Strengthen immune system
  13. In my opinion, I don't think you should worry about cutting out gluten, or dairy, or whatever just yet. I think a lot of people get a little crazy with cutting things out (like I did, for 7 months) only to realize that...oh wait, these foods weren't even a problem in the first place. Just start with the basics: -Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, filtered if possible (you can get a Brita water filter for cheap). See if you can stick to drinking ONLY water. Even an occasional soda is detrimenta
  14. InMe, the lead singer (Dave Mcpherson) also has an acoustic side project which is also quite amazin :)