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  1. Hey people, I've been on accutane for about 4 months now and just visited my derm again. He's basically said that my skin so good (100% clear of acne, I love it lol) that i can pretty much decide when to end my treatment. He also said to not come back and see him cause its really a waste of my money. My skin's been completely clear for about 2 months now so its not like its just recently cleared up or anything. I really wanna stop taking this shit too cause it makes me real tired and has a host
  2. good question, and my answer is I have not got a clue. I jus throught that blood going thru the liver might be cleaned to the extent that it gets rid of all the accutane if u take milk thistle. The main reason why I'm suspicious of this is that nearly all the side effects I was getting before taking milk thistle including dryness, fatigue and eye irritations, have became much less so, yet my skin is still completely clear... weird
  3. yes I agree, I think it is safe, infact I think it is safer than taking just accutane by itself, but what I want to know is if it interacts with the accutane and stops it from working. I'm suspicious that mayb it doesn't even let the accutane penetrate the liver...
  4. hmm I think I'll lay off it for a week and see what happens, the milk thistle supplement I got is real real strong (12g each capsule) so mayb its a bit much. It sucks tho cause I look great and feel great since taking the milk thistle, which is prolly cause its getting the accutane outta my system.. argh
  5. does anyone kno tho if the milk thistle interacts with the accutane? I've been takin milk thistle for a week now and my accutane side effects seem to be deminishing. I'm susupicious that teh milk thistle is protecteing my liver to the extent that its not even letting the accutane effect my body anymore. My skin is still completely clear tho.
  6. I've been taking milk thistle for a few days now (been on accutane for 2months at 40mg a day) and i must say I do notice a decrease in side effects like fatigue and irritated eyes. My mood's also lifted, as I htink the accutane has made me a bit depressed and had some affect on my moods. If this stuff does good for scars too then I'll definely keep taking it! But in regard to how it interacts with accutane I don't know, hopefully it doesn't at all. I also take it for a liver tonic as my liver en
  7. My face is finally flat, nearly no cysts at all! Now my face is left with a shitload of redmarks that don't seem to be fading at all, and if anything are getting even more red!! I'm still on accutane, got about 4 months to go, anything I should do to make them fade quicker? I've used aloe vera 100% gel for a while but that just seems to irritate my skin and make scars even more red!! arrr! should I be applying more sunscreen in order to help scars heal quicker? does vitamin E help? any suggestio
  8. End of 9th week haven't updated in ages prolly cause I've been havin some problems side effects wise. Been feeling real tired a lot etc, but I can live with that. My skin is so freakin awesome that I don't really care, as long as these side effects go away after I stop treatment (still got another 5 months) than I'll be happy. So jus to update, prolly only 2 cysts on my face at the moment, rest of my face is SMOOTH AS. I do have some annoying red marks tho, at the moment its looks like a gotta
  9. I've been on the roaccutane about 2 and a half months now and its really working, my skin is nearly 100% clear. But I've also noticed that its really taking its toll on my body. I'm getting tired a lot, feeling a bit outta it, lack of concentation, sore tired eyes, and sometimes I get real panicky which I think is especially weird. Some of the other side effects have got better such as dryness, but the fatigue and general mood its putting upon me is really annoying at the moment. I kno I should
  10. When I first started roaccutane a month ago my derm said that I'd have ot be on this shit for 7 months ](*,) , but I assume this is only if I stay on 40mg a day throughout the whole treatment. Is it true that through ur whole course of treatment u havta take 120mg per each kg u weigh? I've punched the figures in on a calculator and worked out that since I'm 70kg, at 40mg a day I'd havta go for exactly 7 months, so if my derm increases my dose that will significantly take away from the length of
  11. this vitamin a approach sounds good, I know that over the years taking vitamin a supplements have gotten rid of my scars, but prolly the most effective thing I've ever used is zinc cream. I've tryed all the stuff for scars: aloe vera, supplements, vitamin e cream etc. and they all worked pretty well, however the quickest and most efffective way of getting rid of my scars I've discovered is zinc cream. It's primary use is as a strong suncreen which is great for the beach where it won't come off i
  12. DontWantToFeelUgly - thanx heaps! yea it was quite tough but I definely think it was worth it. ps. howcome ur not updating ur log at all?? Day 31 I really don't wanna jinx myself, but at the moment I'm happy with my skin. The cystic acne all over my face seems to be flatening out nicely. My cheeks are looking better than they hav in ages. The only real problem areas now are my forehead and temples but they are flattening out too. Side effects are becoming milder too, not much dryness, n
  13. yea man I agree with u totally bout the part that people on these boards complain about having absolutely nightmarish acne but then when they post a picture I'm like "is that it..?" Being a severe acne sufferer and knowing what its like, I think those people don't kno how lucky they are.
  14. END OF MONTH 1 Its been a month finally, everyone in their logs say things like "i can't believe its been a month already, it went so quick", but mine sure as hell didn't. Prolly the single most slowest month of my life, I literally think time stood still on a couple of the really bad days. This is how its lookin after a month: I think over all my skin is better than before I started roaccutane, its not oily at all which is awesome, same with my hair which is a plus (the dandruff sux tho). Th
  15. hey MisterDreamWeaver, whats crackin? yea thats exactly whats happnin to me right now, today for instance my face looks pretty good, but yesterday it was lumpy red and a mess. Its weird, but the roaccutane is definely doin its thing tho, I got no oilyness and thats like one of the main things that pissed me off. Day 27 Face lookin pretty good today, one side of my face is mostly smooth and normal lookin. The other side is gettin heaps better too, but my forehead is still bein pretty stubb