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  1. Come to West Virgina, I 'm sure you and your cousin will be welcome here. Keep mostly to the southern half of the state, try Bluefield. No really Slience of the Lambs did more for WV then that Wrong Trun movie.
  2. I was wondering was the aloe vera gel from fruit of the earth the clear kind or the green kind.? And was it in a tube or a bottle?
  3. Don't use it. I tried it one winter it made by skin really bad. It has some bad pore clogging ingerdients in it. And I read in a home remedy book that because it has a lager amout of water in it, the lotion evaporates quickly drying your skin.
  4. I would like to see how many ladies have had problems with BCPs. I think ortho tri-cyclen may have caused me to breakout too plus I think it caused my skin to become super sensitive (I can't use most hair conditioners, mosituizers, latex anything). I also have had changes in my mood, fine one minute crying the next. What are BCPs suppose to do for your skin any way.
  5. Does anyone know anything about cetaphil lotion. Not the one with SPF in it that stuff burns my skin. Most oil free lotions don't work well for me, but I am afraid this will clog my pores.
  6. Does anyone with dry skin use the Neutrogena SPF 15 moistuerizer? I am using Diffiren right now and am on my great search for a good moistuerizer. I like the neutrogena stuff but am not sure it is enough.
  7. I may take several weeks for that stuff to work toally. Before my skin got really bad I used the Neutrogena clear pore and liked it but it took at least 3 weeks to get rid of a blackhead and you will breadout with it in the beginging. If your skin isn't too bad then I say stick with it.
  8. I am not on the regimen it did not seem to do much for my skin. Right now I have almost no iflamntory acne just blackheads. How do you get rid of these things? Right now I am on diffrin which I think I have had fairly good results with, but I am wondering if the diffren is bringing all these blackheads up to the surfface of my skin and I should just let it work or what. Anyone know how long it takes for you to be able to see a blackhead or how long they take to form?
  9. I would just like to know what everyones favorite cleanser and/or moistureizer is.
  10. I would like to know what everyones favorite moisturizer is.
  11. I disagree with the comment about differin. I think it depends on what type of acne you have what will work for you. Bp did nothing for me, but differin worked very well in a short amout of time. I think if you really are upset about your acne you should see a derm to find out what problem is really causing you to break out.
  12. Finally someone with the same problem as me. I almost never get the pimples with the pus in them. I think I get those things (I call them clogged pores) because my skin is dryand flaky and that skin gets trapped in my pores. Bp did nothing for them. I was put on differin and it worked wonders, until I moved and it irritated my skin. I was staying with my family until the closing of my new house and was away from my humidifers. I am back on it now and I think it is working because I am brea
  13. I have some questions for anyone who has dry skin. 1. What type of cleanser do you use? 2. What kind of moistuerizer do you use? 3. What has worked best to clear your skin?
  14. Hey I used to come here alot before I moved , but anyways, I was put on differen which worked until it irritated my skin (cause I moved?). Now I can't really use anything on my skin, makes things worse. My skin is dry and flaky, the flakes cause problems (blackheads). Is it safe to exfoilate like 3 times a week (aha lotion drys me out)? And what would be a good scrub, and a good daily cleanser, and the best moisterizer? By the way I also take ortho-tri-cyclen.
  15. I know several of you have seen the zerozits website. Some of the moisturizers listed for the regieme are listed as pore clogging. Can someone tell me why these produts are said to be non comedogenic?