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  1. I don't come here much anymore, but just out of consideration for others, PLEASE make a separate forum for "BP Gel Order Questions." There is no need to clog the regimen forum with "Where is my order?" questions.
  2. Short sell Neutrogena! If only they were publicly held... I haven't been on here years. Man. Things have been going well and my attention has shifted elsewhere. In any case, thank you Dan. Your product will make my BP addiction much less expensive and manageable when I go to college in 18 months. You said before that you began this endeavor in response to a book that you read, advising you to (paraphrasing) get involved in something that you feel passionate about. It seems to have wo
  3. That's strange. Are you taking the B5 in pill form or powder form? Are you taking it prior to meals or after meals? I've found that it's most comfortable to take it in powder form, before meals. Also, you get diarrhea if you don't break it up into 3 doses. Obviously, taking 10g at once isn't good for you.
  4. When a pharmaceutical company distributes a new acne medication, its decision to go over-the-counter or prescription has almost nothing to do with the drug and more to do with profitability and such. Thus, you can find BP over-the-counter and prescription at the same concentration, just different costs. (This is info from my dermatologist, who is an accredited expert and tends to know almost everything on the subject, unlike some derms...)
  5. I agree. But marijuana's nice when it doesn't become the center of your life. For "responsible usage" see American Beauty 8) On that note, smoking isn't great for acne.
  6. Yeah, I've never tried it, but the general consensus is (1) it stops working after a couple of months or never works in the first place and (2) it's an absolute rip-off.
  7. Clearasil makes dozens of products. Which are you talking about?
  8. Don't try to pick or pop it, no matter what you do. If it's red, it's irritated, and you're only going to make it worse.
  9. What is your current dosage? If you are experiencing diarrhea with less than 13g of B5, then it is only temporary. If you're on more than 13g, then it will take longer to adapt. I was on 18g for a month or so, and these symptoms were mostly resolved by the end of the month. Greg
  10. You can get water that has "advanced oxygenating properties" at your local pond. It's called H2O, also known as water.
  11. AcneMiracle's monthly discount is available on this product page. The monthly package includes the topical B5 gel, which I highly recommended. The original B5 study used both internal B5 and topical B5; it makes sense to do the same. Good luck. Greg
  12. The author of the initial post did not pay attention to the recent warnings about B5. When you buy any pantothenic acid product that claims to help acne, almost every reseller clearly states that YOU MUST TAKE A B-COMPLEX VITAMIN IN ADDITION TO THE VITAMIN B5 MEGADOSE. The author experienced cuts and skin irritation because of a B vitamin deficiency, which is remedied by a simple B-complex vitamin. The issue is quite simple. When you megadose on B5, it can cause a B-vitamin deficiency, which
  13. The following information is completely dogmatic and unprovable. I am offering it for your benefit. From what I've heard, the GNC brand is less potent and somehow ineffective against acne. I have tried it myself, and did not have any success with it. Also, GNC charges a fortune for it, much more than their competition. I can recommend a couple other brands which I know of: Capsules (not recommended) VitaminShoppe $0.12/g + shipping TwinLab $0.20/g + shipping VitaCure B5 ClearSki
  14. Has anyone else found shaving gel to be comedogenic? I use Gillette's "sensitive skin" shaving gel. -Greg, back from the dead
  15. Hey man, Glad to see it's working well for you! I haven't had an email update in a while, I was wondering if you gave up the B5! Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays -sabster