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  1. Hi, I've had moderate acne now for 4-5 years and originally when it started my skin was still "normal" looking! Now after ive tried tons of creams,lotions,potions (i.e. Proactive, Benzagel, Differin, etc) and taken different types of antibiotics, done a liver detox, eliminated pop from my diet, slowly eliminating sugar from my diet, etc.!! ....my skin is still not clearing up. I can't handle it anymore it literally is driving me crazy, cause i feel like when ppl look at my they're probably thin
  2. Hey, I just would liek to say first of all, all doctors do is waste time with different products in my opinion. Its not fair that they just keep telling you to try everything and meanwhile usually what ends up happening is that you have to go on accutane in the end. Currently i have had moderate acne for probably 4-5 years now....and it constantly affects my life. I just started university and i feel like i cant make any friends because im one minute ok (cause my skin is semi clear) and the ne