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  1. Over time they will fade, but i suppose its worth trying some Aloe vera based moisturiser or cream to aid the process, it helped for me. Also exfoliating once a week is advised.
  2. They deffinately work because they were outstanding for 3 months, no doubt about it, it improved my confidence and i was really enjoying life in that period, sounds such a cliche but without acne i am myself which i love! Try them by all means but why they "stopped working" for me i dont know.....
  3. I told people reading this thread about 2-3 months ago now how fish oils were doing great for me, really reducing my acne considerably, i couldnt even remember the last time i had a cyst or nodule etc, i still got the odd little witehead once every 2 weeks maybe but it was really clearing up. Then one day i started to get a few spots, nothing major but eventually over a week my acne had got bad again, really soul destroying since i have changed nothing at all in my life that could make such a c
  4. Thanks Wibble, that is kinda what i thought, i am already taking a cod liver oil capsule a day which is deffinately helping but want to increase my dose of actual fish oils which is what i shall soon do. Thanks.
  5. Quick question, i'm a little confused, does fish oil contain Vit. A and E?? or is this just a supplement added to the stuff i take.....
  6. I take cod liver oil capsule and GTE capsule at the same time and it works fine. After 2 weeks of fish oil alone, i saw no results, then i started taking the gte at the same time on week 3 and i started to see results, yet it is obviously difficult to say that the clearance of my acne was due to the combined effects of the two or just the 2-3weeks of fish oils kicking in so to speak. However, all is still going well, will keep u posted of any dramatic changes in anything...
  7. How many mg of omega 4 is in each dosage of cod liver oil? Also, note that be careful about how much overdosing with vitamin A and D is so you won't go above those levels. I'm happy to hear this post, truely, thanks so much!! We're all moving in a positive direction, hopefully in a few months time this positive direction can be funneled to complete clarity so we can really help people out together. Keep us posted! The seven seas cod liver oil capsules i am taking contain: 525mg pure cod li
  8. I have had moderate acne for some time now and was thinking accutane was going to be the only thing that could cure me so to speak, i have tried alot of other prescription antibiotics, methods etc and nothing has worked long term. So reading the information on this board about fish oil and green tea extracts i thought i would give it a go for a while, i was pretty desperate. The first week or two i didnt see much of an improvement but now into the 3rd week my skin looks a hell of a lot better an
  9. Glad you found a regimen that works for you, there is nothing more rewarding. Ive started taking the omega 3's and also use sudocrem in the evenings which contains zinc. Alos going to try the apple cider vinegar treatment, sounds really good. As for your moisturising problem, i have been using a Aloe vera based moisturiser containing added vit. e and a. I got this from Holland and Barrett (in the UK), seems to be pretty good and not blocking my pores any more than when i didnt use moisturiser, s
  10. It is good stuff, i have used this for around 6 months every evening, it reduces swelling and drys up spots, however i did use it while i was on tetracycline antibiotics so i am unsure of how much of the clearing it was actually doing however i still recommend it. One downside is it did dry my skin a bit. Apply it after a hot shower or something and it is absorbed readily deep into your pores. Any more questions just ask
  11. Dont be afraid of using stuff like tea tree oil, if you are afraid of growing male breasts or a beard then u might as well not leave the house in fear of being run over you know.
  12. I have taken tetracycline for a 6 month period and it cleared my acne from moderate to clear skin in about 3-4 months with NO spots at all in the 4th-5th month, really really good results, its great stuff in my opinion, but.....yes, theres a but...in the last month i did start to get a few small spots here and there on my face. From what i believe, this is a case of the acne bacteria becoming immune to the tetracycline and 3 months on from the end of the treatment i have acne again, no way as ba
  13. I totally agree with what bluray said, i went to South africa and my acne cleared after a few days then cam back hard after a week basically , but yours might be different. With moderate acne i think on of the key factors is to minimise flakey skin (use the right cleanser and spot treatments) and moisturise as little as needed to clear dry areas, dont mess around with unaffected areas.
  14. Have you gained spots or has shaving just exposed red marks from previous spots?? If it is the latter, there is not much you can do about this, they are marks that take time to heal. If however you hae just broken out after shaving, i'm not sure what to say, maybe it has irritated unseen areas that have risen after the aggrivation. Spots are demoralising like that, you think you have it beaten and then you get an outbreak from something as minor as shaving, it sucks... Keep your head up bro