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  1. Hey guys, After seeing some topic "Mambojambo blah blah" a few months back I tried ACV. I have been able to modify it and it seems to be working with great results. To let you know I take 4table spoons 2x a day, and another 2table spoons in the middle of the day if I happen to eat alot of junk food that day. In addition I also added fiber (supplement) this will increase your chances of getting less acne with a good diet and lots of water. Then next a big step, dont use anything but warm wat
  2. Nose mostly, but sometimes I get random pimples around the chin and cheeks.
  3. Hey guys, I must say I have been on ACV for a month (I hate the taste) But I got over it I guess.... But it does work, im a post accutane user. I found that my acne was slowly coming back, anyways I started ACV, taking daily fiber, and my acne is very very good. Dont get me wrong I get some acne, but its very manageable. Try it, (3 weeks at least)
  4. Well, Im in summer so I just hope it can withstand the stress of school. If it doesnt Im going to kill myself after being on Accutane!! Round #2??? Good Luck with it, I hate the taste also but I have seen to good of results to stop.
  5. Look, I only had moderator acne. And I just said ok I have seen my brothers go through it all trying everything, and really nothing worked. Go on accutane, I would do it all over again if I had the chance.
  6. I also have them, its basically the only "acne" I get since on ACV. There not to bad though, just not sure how to get rid of them.
  7. Intresting enough, I had one of those on my cheek. It just looks a like a red spot, where acne was. Eventually I was just like screw it, and let it work it self out because no creams got rid of it. Now after about 5 months its almost gone, and getting better. All I can say it wait it out.
  8. imjstpeachy, I have been using ACV for about 1 month. At first I just had 1 tsp. x2 a day. Then I bumped up to 3tsp. x2 a day. The first 2 weeks I did show a difference in my acne, I still got my normal pimples here and there, it would only break out on lets say my nose and nowhere else. But I bumped up the amount I took, and now it seems almost perfect. So my suggestion is if you have not been on it for longer than 3 weeks, keep up with it. If you still see no difference, bump up your do
  9. Who here has had progress with non-organic ACV. Although the ingredients just say Apple Cider Vinegar and nothing else but with water for 5% acidity.
  10. I know it is really hard.... sometimes i will sit over my sink with my shotglass of ACV and water in the other hand trying to tell myself its not that bad for like 2 mins. But when those fumes hit my nose and i know it is!! I almost immediatley start rinsing and gargling(sp) water right out of the faucet. My rents think i am crazy but if it brings me nice skin i will do it. Its better if i just pour it and drink it real fast. X-Core ACV drinker huh? Hope nobody here has to go into r
  11. Wow, thats a really good solution I may do that with the icecubes it may take more time but that could really eliminate the taste problem. I also thought about getting some sort of sports squirt bottle and just a quick sqeeze then flush it down with real quick with what ever water, cranberry juice ect.
  12. Yeah MissKiss, I guess Ill try it out see if it works...thats if I can handle the taste/smell lol
  13. Should I even bare the taste for the acne that I have? It just keeps coming around my nose and cheeks. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v342/Ele...26/100_1123.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v342/Ele...26/100_1124.jpg
  14. Sadly im doing this coming off of accutane been off for 3 months now. My skin looked great after the first month off then slowly I got a few pimples. Now I have a good amount of pimples, very small, hardly noticeable and they go away quickly. Idk maybe I should be happy its not really bad.
  15. Thank you =D guess its time to drink ehh this stuff smells like...uhh vinegar...