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  1. Since the first IPL treatment I haven't noticed too much difference... I think it is probably not enough to make a difference though. I am going to wait until I have finished the course of 3 before I make a judgement. With regards to the meds, I was getting on okay apart from today when I started my period 9 days earlier than I should have. I am in the middle of my pill pack so shouldn't be bleeding yet... feeling really crap that I am. I don't know why either. Any input/ knowledge on this would
  2. Haven't updated in a few weeks. Had my IPL treatment on the 14th - was fine, the down time was very minimal. Skin felt very smooth afterwards. Had a few tiny red blister type things come up but they are going down now. Haven't noticed any difference in the marks really but I am going to wait and see how they look at the end of the 3 treatments. My next one is the 13th of next month so we shall see how it goes. Regarding my skin, it was doing okay until this week - I am on my break week from the
  3. Again, skin was doing okay at the beginning of the week and then now have had a small spot come up. I went to see a top derm in the city on Tuesday as he had a cancellation. He told me that I haven't got any permanent scarring and my acne now is very mild with only a few non-inflammatory papules to go. He said that the Spiro does take a while to work (6 months ish) so he had high hopes that things would continue to improve. Because I told him the red marks etc. were bothering me a lot he came up
  4. So it seems like every time I am due to write a positive update, I get a set back! My skin had been doing really really well until yesterday when I got a few small breakouts. But compared to the kind I was having before, things have improved A LOT. My break week went okay, only thing I really noticed with my skin was that it was a tad oilier than normal, but since I've been on the Spiro that has drastically reduced anyway. Like I said, I have only had a few minor breakouts, that are small and go
  5. This last week my skin has been pretty good! The breakout from last week cleared up really quickly - in a day or two - and all I have at the moment is a lot of red marks. I cannot say my skin is better than before I started because the red marks are really unsightly and I didn't have these at the beginning. But it is a hell of a lot better than it has been in a while so I'm really hoping it stays this way. I have had to take my first break week from Yasmin since starting because I was getting a
  6. So a few days ago I thought I was noticing some really positive changes in my skin, and then today I woke up with new breakouts. I feel like this is never ending. The breakouts do seem to be a lot smaller than the deep cysts I was getting before, but my face is such a mess with red marks now. 10 weeks (Day 71) of Yasmin/ Lym Day 24 of Duac Day 23 of Spiro 2 active spots on left cheek, 1 healing spot on forehead, 1 healing spot on right cheek.
  7. Skin is still bad. Recently upped my Spiro to 100mg a day, so on top of the Yasmin, which apparently has an ingredient equivalent to 25mg of Spiro, that makes it 125mg. I am quite slim so surely that is enough to notice improvements?!! I'm just getting really impatient now and feel like I'm going to have bad skin forever . On a slightly different note I did recently invest in the CeraVe hydrating cleanser, original moisturising lotion and PM moisturising lotion. I really like them, I feel they p
  8. Feeling really really low today. I am seeing nothing but breakout after breakout. My skin now is so so so much worse than before I started. I'm feeling really hopeless. The duac made my skin very red and sore for about the first 4 or 5 days but now the redness has completely subsided and it is just the dryness I am dealing with - although not sure if that is due to the Spiro. It isn't stopping new breakouts from forming either. Really need some encouragement. 8 Weeks (Day 57) of Yasmin/ Lym Da
  9. So I have had to change the title of this log because as of yesterday I started Spironolactone. Following my last post I had another bad breakout and I was just getting so depressed and down with my skin so I emailed my derm and she suggested I try Spiro as there is apparently a lot of success with acne treatment of Spiro combined with a bcp. I have started on 50mg a day for 2 weeks and then she is bumping me up to 100mg a day. I also have to have frequent blood tests on this medication. I am no
  10. So after years of reading blogs on this site I decided to take the plunge and create one myself. I have suffered with acne since I was 15 - I am now 20, turning 21 in a few months. I have been on roaccutane twice in the past and finished my second course last October. The second course was really tough, as my initial breakout was AWFUL, the worse acne I have ever had in my life, and I was left with loads and loads of red marks of which some are still visible. My face stayed clear after the ro