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  1. Hey man, how is it going? DAY 15 Don't know if its initial break out or not because I am only getting random 1 or 2 pimples at a time. Side effects: Nose texture is like sandpaper Skin on my pimples (only) is flakey Random cysts here and there They come to whiteheads relatively sooner (2-3 days) I AM THIRSTY A LOT Fatigue (been skipping gym everyday but could be in my head) Does anyone see any progress? I am considering to up my dosage to 40mg/day
  2. DAY 10: Side Effects: Face is sensitive, hurts when i rub my fingers to wash my face. Maybe my IB is here, i can feel 2-3 cysts on my right cheek and right temple Red big pimples on my left cheek have come to a white surface. (Healing must quicker) Some face dryness (feels tight) , lips are fine.
  3. 83kgs 26M Routine: Oil Cleanser Gentle Foaming Cleanser Clindamycin+Nicanimide Gel LJH Tea Tree Essence (is soothing and helps with redness) Moisturizer DAY 8: No Side Effects