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  1. You think Steve Madden is conservative, but recommend H&M? Really? I think Steve Madden makes some fun, colorful shoes....nothing groundbreaking, but far from boring.
  2. Ok, I see what you were trying to say...I don't know what to help with that problem then... The only reason I put Steve Madden shoes were I was looking through a fashion magazine and a woman had these shoes/slippers on that were by Steve Madden and they look good on her. For Burberry and D&G, it's probably different for girl's then, because for men's it's fine. To the threadstarter...check this link out http://www.style.com/trends/topten/010706 Look at the pictures and see what you like
  3. Like I said, express t-shirts only. Other than that, not good clothes. Steve Madden shoes...I don't know what they're called, but the girls wear them only. They're something like slippers but look nice on girls. And there's nothing bad about D&G and Burberry. D&G probably isn't the best compared to the other brands, but it's still awesome. Again, you can easily spend $200-$400 a month on quality clothes...especially if you pick them up at sales. Even if it's only a pair of jeans or a d